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Poster Vauktu Offline
Posted 05/20/10 03:47 AM
My (quite hideous) home theater. Current setup consists of two Axiom M60ti floorstanding speakers, an Onkyo 807 receiver, an Optoma HD20 projector, and a 150 inch elite projection screen.

Still in the process of adding speakers. Soon to come: Axiom VP150 & an AF-350 subwoofer. Considering some QS8 speakers, though it may be overkill for what I desire. Everyone thinks I'm insane for considering buying more speakers after hearing how good the two M60 speakers sound. \:D

Some additional pictures of my home theater:

Dimensions 1024x768
Size 224.19 KB

#307382 - 05/20/10 03:57 AM Re: My Home Theater [Re: Vauktu]
CV Offline
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That's an insane screen.

#307384 - 05/20/10 03:58 AM Re: My Home Theater [Re: Vauktu]
grunt Offline

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First off there is no such thing as a hideous HT especially not one with a 150 inch screen. ;\)

Are you going to keep the walls white? I have completely black walls, ceiling and floor with a 134 inch screen and my room is bright as hell I can’t imagine how bright your room gets.


#307390 - 05/20/10 04:36 AM Re: My Home Theater [Re: grunt]
fredk Offline

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Those M60s look tiny next to that screen. I bet the movie experience is superb with that large screen.

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#307391 - 05/20/10 05:11 AM Re: My Home Theater [Re: fredk]
Vauktu Offline

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I'd paint the walls black in a heart beat if I could, but my roommates wouldn't be too friendly about that since it is the living room that I would be painting black. The speakers are enough of a bother with the volume I play them at.

Besides, the white walls aren't that much of an issue. The image still looks fantastic and the screen takes up my entire field of view anyway.

#307392 - 05/20/10 06:40 AM Re: My Home Theater [Re: Vauktu]
EFalardeau Offline

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That's QUITE some screen! Btw, when you get QS-8s and a VP-150/180, none of your friends are going to think you were crazy. They just never heard how much good surrounds can enhence the experience.
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#307458 - 05/20/10 06:58 PM Re: My Home Theater [Re: EFalardeau]
SirQuack Offline
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looks like you could reduce the vertical size of the screen to accomodate 2.35 movies.
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#307478 - 05/20/10 10:22 PM Re: My Home Theater [Re: SirQuack]
obsi Offline
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Now THAT is a SCREEN! WOW....
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#307488 - 05/21/10 12:08 AM Re: My Home Theater [Re: obsi]

That's no screen. It's a space station.

#308542 - 05/28/10 10:54 PM Re: My Home Theater [Re: ]
Vauktu Offline

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After an agonizing 17 day wait, my VP150 finally arrived in the mail today. Took some pictures but can't seem to make them into images... strange. Here's the link

Can't wait to test it out later when I have time.

Now all I need is a pair of QS8 speakers. Looking forward to them! Just need to wait until my next paycheck ... all this waiting is killing me.

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