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#307531 - 05/21/10 03:09 PM Recommend Canadian businesses for goods and srvcs
chaoticcricket Offline

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The tax benefit from purchasing a pair of M22's was an unexpected surprise and welcomed benefit.
It looks like most Canadian goods are tax and duty free for US citizens.

Can you recommend other goods, e.g., computer, lower cost A/V equipment, clothing, food, home and school supplies that are tax free to us peeps? I usually shop at New Egg; what business do ya'll use in Canada?

Canadians' also have categories of tax free savings and investments e.g., TFSA's. I've had to dip into my 401k during 2009. From radio shows and newspapers I've read, the Canadian monetary system is doing well and didn't suffer the kinds of hits US and non-Canadian governments felt. Apparently, Canadian banks and investment houses abide more closely with the rules and regulations imposed on them than the rest of the world.

Any thoughts or suggestions regarding the topics above are welcomed.

My M22's are in TOLEDO, OH., enroute to Calif.. Yesterday I finally setup my existing system According to Dolby's 5.1 spec,
more or less.

My god, I was blown away by the sound using only:

Denon 788
Klipsch Promedia Ultra 5.1 (sub, center sr left, sr right
Klipsch Icon series WB-14 (right, left speakers)
Sony BDP S-360 disc player

Gustav Holst's "The Planets" The Mystic Trumpeter, Royal
Scottish National Orchestra, David Lloyd-Jones in
5.1 Dolby Digital AC-3 and DTS Surround Sound.

I was getting angry at my 7 year old son. Finally, I wrenched myself away from the situation and popped in The Planets. Within minutes, every feeling, every cell was relaxing and transforming me in a nicer man.

Other digital recording I recently bought and recommend:
- The Ultimate DVD Surround Sampler & 5.1 Set-Up Disc
It's a collection of recordings, e.g., Wagner's Tannhauser: Act III-Scene IV - Chorus and David Chesky - The Agnostic: Surrender
are two recordings included. The 5.1 set-up tracks are very useful. It even has a somewhat humorous setup test called the
"Rattle Test".

Tom Jung's Digital Surround Collection in DTS 5 Channel Discrete Surround blew me away. The past several weeks I had read about the sound stage but only experienced it this week.

It wasn't until two days ago when I rearranged my a/v system and speakers by following the dolby labs 5.1 specs ( sort of) and listened to Tom Jung's DTS surround sampler that I began to understand and hear what true audiophilisity or hi-fi-ishness really is. Other recordings also left an equal impression on me.

I began sprouting horns while listening to Ac/DC's NO BULL in DTS 5.1, SHoot To Thrill. Whoa! I thought these guys were gone.
Jeez, they're still touring internationally.
If you like hard, ass kicking electric guitar. Only 2-3 songs
in this collection are my favorites.

The WHO's Maximum R&B Live recorded and remastered in DTS 5.1.
It's ok. Most of the recodings are remastered from live performances. It's an awesome documentary and contains some candid ruminations from Pete Townsend. I'm 53 so the Who was just ahead of my age and watching this I learned how immensely big they were and the impact they created at that time in history.

Pink Floyd's The Pulse, 2 DVD's (1994 Earl's Court, London)
was excellent. The dominant thought I had while watching and listening to this collection was, "I had arrived." Not arrived and am now at the top of my game or made enough money to live on without working arrived; no, it was more of, "Wow, I really am an old fart!" arrived.

Ok - if you like Nora Jones, get NJ, Live From Austin, TX in DT 5.1 - She is spectacular. EVERY song is fantastic even songs, which at first I, snubbed, like "Blue Bayou". Having listened to this DVD at least 20 times, I have come to love her originality, (Blue Bayou), and understand why she is an internationally renowned musician and singer. In her class, I cannot think of anyone having this much talent. Her vocals are simply stellar.

Lastly, SRV, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble's, Pride and Joy recorded in Dolby 5.1. After listening to and watching this DVD I realized what a loss to the world. I've always liked SRV's style, and after watching and listening to his blues guitar and vocal I still want more. The guitar work in Little Wing's is trademark SRV. Chilling. His talent as a guitarist is showcased in the MTV plugs included in this DVD Most tracks are good, meaning I like the song and the quality of the Dolby process are average to above average. I'm looking for any SRV recordings in DTS 5.1 if you know of any.

Oh, can't forget Eric Clapton's 461 Ocean Boulevard.
It's recorded in DTS 5.1 and sounds phenomenal.

If my system sounds this good now, I can only imagine when the M22's arrive.

Do you have DVD's recorded in 5.1 DTS or Dolby 5.1 that you can recommend? Any genre.


#307534 - 05/21/10 03:15 PM Re: Recommend Canadian businesses for goods and srvcs [Re: chaoticcricket]
RickF Offline

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 Originally Posted By: chaoticcricket

I'm looking for any SRV recordings in DTS 5.1 if you know of any.

I don't believe there is anything SRV available in DTS right now, *supposedly* Jimmy has a plethora of Stevie's stuff boxed away and inside word is that he will be releasing some new concert DVD's in the future.
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#307536 - 05/21/10 03:20 PM Re: Recommend Canadian businesses for goods and srvcs [Re: chaoticcricket]
fredk Offline

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Loc: Canada is a Canadian online computer retailer. You always need to balance out the cost of shipping.

Blujays1: Spending Fred's money one bottle at a time, no two... Oh crap!

#307541 - 05/21/10 03:56 PM Re: Recommend Canadian businesses for goods and srvcs [Re: fredk]
Adrian Offline

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Loc: It's all about the location.
The CDN/US exchange rate is always one of the deciding factors as to when you purchase from which side of the border. Although the CDN $ has had a sharp drop this last week due to the Stock Market BS and turmoil in the European Union, generally it is fairly strong vs the US $ (at the moment), so that tends to make purchases for Americans shopping in Canada a little more pricey right now. It's interesting to see which way the shoppers are lining up at Detroit/Windsor and Niagara Ont/NY depending on what the exchange rate is. Overall, I would say with the majority of items, you'll get the better deal on the US side though.

On a different note, I've been watching much of the turmoil that the US has been going through(I have investments in US and Canada) thanks to Wall St's cronies and hope that your leadership, and other leaders, will not be too proud to see how Canada's banking system works(no bailout needed). Don't even get me started on "High Frequency Trading", Hedge Funds, short selling ect prevalent on the US markets and all the self serving lobbiests. Is it any wonder why the markets are so f*cked up?

Oh....and one more thing!!!

Glad you like the M22's.
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#307602 - 05/21/10 08:55 PM Re: Recommend Canadian businesses for goods and srvcs [Re: Adrian]
fredk Offline

Registered: 12/06/07
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Loc: Canada
Oh, oh. Sharp veer back on topic. Too many more of those and we'll have to send you back for 're-training'. ;\)

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