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#309468 - 06/05/10 11:04 AM Re: Advice on new TV [Re: FordPrefect]
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 Originally Posted By: FordPrefect
 Originally Posted By: jakewash

The Samsung's were reported to have P/S issues that would hum and some other people had mentioned some problems with the display itself and poor CS from Samsung to repair it. I'll take my green tint and seldom reported failures over that any day. ;\) \:\)

At the bottom of the barrel for bad service has to be Bell, took about 2 years for them to remove my late wife's name from their mailing list. What I had to do could fill a novel.... well maybe a novelette \:\)

Bell Canada, indeed! Mismanagment and horrific customer service at its finest. Eventually most Canadians have to deal with their incompetence. My issue dealt with crossed telephone lines between the upstairs and downstairs apartment/house and I was getting charged for the 5 students long distance calls living above + the standard monthly charges. Seems like a pretty standard resolution is to bring out a technician, fix the lines and take the charges off the bill. It wasn't that easy ;\)
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#309477 - 06/05/10 12:55 PM Re: Advice on new TV [Re: alan]
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 Originally Posted By: alan
...I'm convinced that the $5,000 price of the Kuros at the time was a bias they were unable to shed.

That's what ultimately forced them out of the market. Pioneer was spending so much on R&D, and the building the resulting technologies which came from that research, that the $5000 price wasn't that far off. But the market wouldn't bear it, so they finally slashed prices to $2000 for the 50" TV. Right around this time, the US economy fell, while the Japanese was still strong. So $2000 US wasn't even turning a profit in Yen. So they exited the display market before the losses cut into their other divisions.
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#309635 - 06/06/10 09:23 PM Re: Advice on new TV [Re: ClubNeon]
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I've heard of this green tint issue with the S1's before but personally either I don't see it, or it's not an issue. I've never heard of anything about black levels having issues either but then again I steer clear of AVS now because the guys there are just insane when it comes to this stuff. I was finding I wasn't enjoying movies or anything anymore because I was too worried about calibration setting and what not.

Mind you, it's not my main HT display so I don't care so much with it, either. It looks great and has been reliable and that's all I ask. When it comes to most electronics, for me it's Panasonic or Toshiba and I don't really deviate from that, unless you're talking something they don't build, such as (real) receivers. Mind you, I did buy an Epson projector rather than Panasonic, but that was solely based on Panasonics pricing in Canada on the projector line, which is a joke.

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