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#312858 - 06/30/10 01:25 PM Axiom sub AC voltage
Ichigo_Kurosaki Offline

Registered: 06/18/10
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Loc: Japan
Can you guys confirm to me if the sub electric current is 115V? Here in Japan is 100V and where I live is 60HZ frequency, should I use a step up transformer?

#312861 - 06/30/10 01:31 PM Re: Axiom sub AC voltage [Re: Ichigo_Kurosaki]
CatBrat Offline

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The switch on mine says 115. Where I live it's 120. So, perhaps 115 is a happy medium.

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#312939 - 06/30/10 11:15 PM Re: Axiom sub AC voltage [Re: CatBrat]
dakkon Offline

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Ichigo, the line voltages with the time of day.. how many times did you measure your voltage? if you measure in the morning about 6am, then about noon, then about 6pm, you can see the trend... at 6am, the voltage will most likely be its highest, and at 6pm it will be its lowest.... this is because at 6pm everyone is getting off of work and turning their electronics on, be it a computer, air conditioner, television and stereo... the frequency should NEVER change, however it IS normal for the voltage to change + or -, depending on the draw on the electric grid....

in north america electronics are designed for 115V60Hz.. Some companies do make a 220V 50Hz product for export, depending....

My guess is that you will be fine.. with a lower voltage your amps will have to draw a bit more current to maintain the same amount of power (no i will not post the power eqn).. i dont know if the axiom products use a regulated power supply, if they do then the power supply will maintain the voltage at what it wants... you will have to call them on this point... you are only talking about a 10%ish drop, thats not huge. i've seen voltage drops MUCH higher than that (when i was i the Navy) and the electronics worked just fine and they were WAY more sensitive to an input voltage than the stereo amps that we use in HT stuff.....

call axiom, but I'm 90%+ sure they will tell you that your fine.

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#312950 - 07/01/10 12:49 AM Re: Axiom sub AC voltage [Re: dakkon]
Ken.C Offline
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Japan's nominal voltage is 100V, not 115V like the US. I would definitely check with Axiom regarding this. Also be aware that they ship the US subs with a 3 prong power cable. They may have a separate cable for shipping to Japan, though. Easy enough to do...
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#312953 - 07/01/10 01:11 AM Re: Axiom sub AC voltage [Re: Ken.C]
Ichigo_Kurosaki Offline

Registered: 06/18/10
Posts: 463
Loc: Japan
I guess I might need an adapter.

#312959 - 07/01/10 01:48 AM Re: Axiom sub AC voltage [Re: Ichigo_Kurosaki]
JohnK Offline
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Ichigo, for example, my EP500 manual states that the voltage regulator is set for "100-120 volts". The subs sent to Japan undoubtedly are set the same. If your apartment doesn't have the standard three-prong electrical outlets, a plug adaptor for a couple dollars would be needed, but no transformer to change the voltage.

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#312963 - 07/01/10 03:17 AM Re: Axiom sub AC voltage [Re: JohnK]
Ichigo_Kurosaki Offline

Registered: 06/18/10
Posts: 463
Loc: Japan
Well, thanks for clarifying! Good to know that I will only need a plug adaptor.

#312980 - 07/01/10 09:36 AM Re: Axiom sub AC voltage [Re: Ichigo_Kurosaki]
ClubNeon Offline

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I would never run any high-draw, electronic components on a transformer, unless I knew for certain it was up to the task. Many of those transformers are just not designed to meet the current demands of something like a sub-woofer amp.
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