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#31336 - 01/20/04 02:39 AM COMPLETELY OFF TOPIC - The Sequel
spiffnme Offline

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As our resident big guy said...the other thread was just getting too darn big.

"A nation cannot prosper long, when it favors only the prosperous." -President Barack Obama

#31337 - 01/20/04 01:51 PM Re: COMPLETELY OFF TOPIC - The Sequel
tinfoilhat Offline

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Right. New topic. My old propane BBQ has reached the point of no return and I have to replace it. Aside from all the problems due to its age, it was too small to keep up with growing appetites. So I have questions. I've never had a side burner. What uses are they put to, and do you use yours? I have a Coleman rotisserie which mounts into 3 holes on one side, and a groove on the other. Which companies (aside from Coleman) will allow me to mount it? What should I be looking for in terms of features and BTUs? I do a lot of cooking on it of all types (meat, veggies, fish) and I have to feed a family of four and small groups of friends throughout the year. Ideas?
P.S. usual budget constrictions apply. My BBQ fund was just swallowed up by a new water heater

#31338 - 01/20/04 02:31 PM Aussie Open
spiffnme Offline

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Loc: Los Angeles
So the Austrailian Open is under way...who's your pick to win the Mens and Womens singles?

Here are my favs..


"A nation cannot prosper long, when it favors only the prosperous." -President Barack Obama

#31339 - 01/20/04 02:47 PM Re: Aussie Open
austinbirdman Offline

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Not sure if the point here is to respond to the digressions or start new ones, so let me do the latter:

Jean de Florette. I just watched this, unbelievably, for the first time last night and it's a great movie. We're watching its follow-up, Manon of the Spring, tonight. (For those familiar with the first, you HAVE to see the second almost as soon as #1 ends.)

Anyway, in addition to this being an outstanding movie, it also has a great, musical soundtrack, for those interested in this aspect. Nothing that will make the walls rumble -- this is more along the lines of beautiful music (after Verdi) that fits the story.

"These go to eleven."

#31340 - 01/20/04 03:26 PM Re: Aussie Open
getoffb Offline

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That dude self destructs more than anybody in the world. I was trainging in Florida once and had to play next to him and this dude was the biggest nut job ever. How he has made it this far with his mental ability is beyond me.

Besides that, Federer is sick. Aggassi, this could be his last go around. How can you be that dude when you are that old?

How can you leave Roddick off that list. He is the single best thing to happen to tennis in America in 10-15 years. He is only going to get better. And I would put my money on him to win it all in Melbourne. that was pretty cheesy eh?

#31341 - 01/20/04 04:07 PM Re: COMPLETELY OFF TOPIC - The Sequel
tomtuttle Offline

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Ahem. This thread reminds me of an Allman Brothers jam from 30 years ago - "everybody go do your own thing and meet me back here in 20 minutes".

The title of the thread also reminded me of Zappa's classic "Return of the Son of Shut Up n Play Yer Guitar"

Gas Grills! I adore a magazine called "Cook's Illustrated". It is expensive, because it has no advertising - kind of like Consumer Reports for kitchen gadgets and recipes. There is an associated PBS show called "America's Test Kitchen" and books by founding editor Christopher Kimball. They did a big ol' test (as they are wont to do) and settled on the Weber Genesis line of grills.

I recently paid the plumber (eeeuuwww) to run some natural gas to my kitchen and ... patio. So I was in the market for a NG grill. I have heretofore been devoted to charcoal. I got a good deal on a Weber Genesis Gold B (about $100 off at $469 at a local store).

I am very pleased so far. The people at Weber seem to really know how to design outdoor cooking appliances. And I'm finding new ways to impart the wood flavors I value.

One of the problems with this kind of thing is that many grills simply do not get hot enough. I have no complaints; the full-on gas from the new grill is just as hot as my usual pile of charcoal (no small feat). Fat steaks are 6 minutes a side to medium, and nicely charred.

Anyway, if you use it that much, don't scrimp.

I personally had no interest in the side burner thing. The chances of me getting ALL the cooking done outside are virtually zero.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled digression.

Beer. Pike Kilt Lifter Scottish. Yum yum yum yum yum.
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#31342 - 01/20/04 04:54 PM Re: Aussie Open
Zarak Offline

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I'm usually more into it, but I almost forgot it was even that time of year. I just haven't been paying much attention to tennis yet this year. Maybe I'm still just disappointed that I got rained out for the USOpen a couple of months ago. At least it give me a built in anniversary trip for this year since we have rain check tickets coming to us.

#31343 - 01/20/04 05:18 PM You know you spend too much time here when...
pmbuko Offline
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...the only reason you know the date is because of the post timestamps.
I can explain it to you but I can't understand it for you.

#31344 - 01/20/04 05:30 PM Re: COMPLETELY OFF TOPIC - The Sequel
twodan19 Offline

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Loc: Pembroke, Massachusetts
we used to be a warranty outlet for sunbeam and coleman when they were one. the coleman rotiss i believe only fits coleman, and sold for about $75.00. we couldn't keep them in stock. if you need coleman parts, you need to go to them now. if i was to purchase another grill, look at a plain and simple MHP brand. supposed to have lifetime every thing. as for side burners, they're only usefull to keep things warm, not boiling corn or lobsters. let me know your location, and i'll see if i have a buddy in our trade who may stock a King's Cooker. to see one, go to:, and click thru our static pages; there's one illustrated.

#31345 - 01/20/04 05:55 PM Re: Aussie Open
spiffnme Offline

Registered: 04/01/03
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Loc: Los Angeles
Safin has been working on his mental game quite a bit. Did you see him at Hopman? He was looking pretty good. If he controls his temper, he's as good as anybody. Though I admit, he is a head case, and hasn't played much recently. Do looks count for anything?

I left Andy off the list, because I'm all Andy'd out. He's like the #1 song of the week. You can't get away from him. Besides, I don't really care for his game all that much. I'm not saying he doesn't have what it takes to win. He certainly does. I just prefer watching other people play.

You can't count Agassi out. He had an incredible year last year. He was #1 in the world again last April. He won the Aussie Open last year, and he made it to the year end ATP Masters final! Old or not...the man can play.

That leaves Federer. What can I say about him. Is there anything he can't do? He's just amazing.
"A nation cannot prosper long, when it favors only the prosperous." -President Barack Obama

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