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#315892 - 07/21/10 10:24 AM Can speakers be too big for a room?
PaulCanada Offline

Registered: 02/18/10
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I'm sure this question has been asked in the past but I could not find the answer anywhere.

I'm building a new home and the wife is allowing me to have a man cave the dimensions of the room are 20.1 (L) x 14 (W) 8.5 (H). I am looking at getting M80s for fronts and vp180s for center. Will these speakers be over kill for the room? Or should I look at getting the m60s and vp150s?

I plan to use the room for listening to music, watching TV on a wall mounted 46" with a viewing distance of about 8'.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

#315899 - 07/21/10 10:46 AM Re: Can speakers be too big for a room? [Re: PaulCanada]
Adrian Offline

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The simple fact of the matter is that you are the one in control of the volume so ie you are in control of whether the room gets overpowered or not. Both the M60s and M80s COULD overpower the room with enough volume but at reasonable levels both would be fine. For the record, my room is almost the exact size as the one you've indicated, in fact a touch smaller and I'm using M80s with a -5 on my Denon(loud!) it starts to overpower my room(ears too). Furniture, rugs and other sound absorbing thingees (or lack of) in your room have a great effect on the acoustics as well. For instance, if you have bare walls, hardwood floors(no rug) and little furniture, you'll easily overpower the room even at moderately higher volume.
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#315904 - 07/21/10 11:00 AM Re: Can speakers be too big for a room? [Re: Adrian]
PaulCanada Offline

Registered: 02/18/10
Posts: 6
Thanks Adrian; looks like M80s and Vp180 for me!!


#315907 - 07/21/10 11:04 AM Re: Can speakers be too big for a room? [Re: PaulCanada]
CatBrat Offline

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I have a room that's about 14 foot square and I plan to put M80 and VP180 with a projector in it one of these days. I know it's overkill for that room, but hey I don't have to turn it up and I'm sure it'll sound good.

#315920 - 07/21/10 11:59 AM Re: Can speakers be too big for a room? [Re: CatBrat]
MarkSJohnson Offline
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Welcome, Paul! Did you know there's a country with the same name as your last name!??!

Yours was essentially the first question I posted eons ago, and I'm happy to say that Axioms play nice in smaller rooms and at lower volumes as well! smile
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#315922 - 07/21/10 12:24 PM Re: Can speakers be too big for a room? [Re: MarkSJohnson]
bdpf Offline

Registered: 06/28/08
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Loc: Toronto, Canada
My room is 20x11x8 ft and I sit also about 8 ft from the TV. I have M80s and a VP180 and couldn't be happier. Sure, if I crank up the volume it's too loud but I don't have to listen to the max volume. If one day I'll have a bigger room I'll have no problem as well. Whatever you do, if you have the space, I would definitely recommend getting the VP180 over the VP150. Also, are you planning on getting a sub right away? If not, I would go with the M80s as we will be amazed with the amount of bass they have. Just as an example, yesterday, the wife was not home, so I watched Percy Jackson and the lightning thief. For once, I was able to watch a movie at higher volumes (-8db on my receiver) and let me tell you, even the couch was vibrating during the scene with the multi headed dragon.
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#315924 - 07/21/10 01:02 PM Re: Can speakers be too big for a room? [Re: bdpf]
Listener Offline

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Yes. If the speakers physically does not fit into the room then it is too big for the room.... It would also help if you can fit in the room with the speaker.
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#315930 - 07/21/10 01:27 PM Re: Can speakers be too big for a room? [Re: bdpf]
grunt Offline

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Hi Paul, my room is 13.5 x 21 x 8-12 (vaulted) and use 3 M80s up front and wouldn’t switch for anything. So I think M80s/VP180 will be perfect for you.

Side note: IMO speakers can be to big for a room. While the volume can be turned down there are times where room acoustics (smaller room) dictates that a smaller speaker paired with a subwoofer may sound better. The deeper the mains, or other speakers, go the harder it becomes to find placement that balances between bass and imaging.
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#315950 - 07/21/10 03:02 PM Re: Can speakers be too big for a room? [Re: PaulCanada]
alan Offline


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Hi PC,

You'll be fine with the M80s in a room that size, because it's big enough to manoevre the M80s into an ideal location for a fine soundstage and smooth deep bass.

If your room were 8 x 10, say, or a den size, then I'd suggest a pair of bookshelf speakers--M3s or M22s--with a sub as an option, because it's much easier to ideally place a pair of compact speakers for a great soundstage in a small room than it is to locate a big pair of floorstanders with limited options in terms of movement.

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#315955 - 07/21/10 03:24 PM Re: Can speakers be too big for a room? [Re: PaulCanada]
a401classic Offline

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I have a similar story and slightly larger room (19 x 25). I'm very happy with the M80's. Trying to figure out how to get to a VP180 for a center (weight issues with the shelf it sits on and I blew the budget on some party in September wink )

Like others have said, you are in control of the volume.



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