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#323177 - 09/18/10 03:14 PM Another Audyssey xover question
smaggard Offline
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Just got some of my equip in place (still waiting on my FO VP150) but I couldnt wait and had to play and run Audyssey. It set the M60's at 40 hz, the QS8's at 50hz and the EP350 at 80hz as I expected it would.

It seems 80-100hz is standard for QS8's around here so I already bumped them up but should I be concerned at all that Audyssey wants to set them at 50hz? I left the M60's at 40hz for now but am wondering if I should bump them up as well.

While I don't have the VP150 yet I had to pop in the Dark Knight and check out the beginning in Dolby TrueHD. Holy cow! I was blown away. I only have an Onkyo 807 driving them now but coming from an old BLOSE Lifestyle system all I can say is wow...I wish they would hurry up and scratch a VP150 already LOL j/k should only be a another week or 2. grin

#323178 - 09/18/10 03:50 PM Re: Another Audyssey xover question [Re: smaggard]
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Originally Posted By: smaggard
. . . should I be concerned at all that Audyssey wants to set them at 50hz? . . .

Hi smaggard,
Not at all; this is another proof that Audyssey brings more pain than gain !
There is absolutely no reason or benefit at forcing the Axiom QS8 to reproduce a frequency which it was not desinged to reproduce. It will only degrade the overall performancce of your system and waste power from your Onkyo. Definitely, do not set the crossover point lower than 80 Hz; save that power for dynamic peaks and a more relaxed sound. You should also experiment with the crossover point of 60Hz for your M60. Again, the power saved can be used for more beneficial tasks. Im pretty sure that by doing so you will perceive an increase in the sound quality of your system and benefit from a superior overall performance.

For your EP350, experiment with the crossover at its maximum position. Doing so, avoids all posibilities of dual filtering.

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#323182 - 09/18/10 04:28 PM Re: Another Audyssey xover question [Re: Jc]
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Not sure why or how it would set the EP350 x-over. Are you referring to where it sets LFE?

Audyssey reconfigures x-over points to accommodate room reflections and oddities that can affect equal SQ throughout the room. It does this be applying a slew of filters throughout the speaker’s frequency response. Some people like it, some don’t.

You can raise crossover levels without adversely affected the filters that Audyssey applies, but don’t ever lower them. You can also change channel levels wherever you want without affecting the Audyssey filters, and it is strongly recommended that you verify channel levels with a meter. I would set everything within .5 DB, and then raise the center channel 2 DB or higher to your liking. Set your sub 5 DB higher than the mains.

I would set the LFE crossover to 120. Set the QS-8 to 80 and set the M60’s to 80. Try this and see how it sounds to you. You could also try setting the M60’s at 60 and see which you prefer.

#323205 - 09/18/10 09:47 PM Re: Another Audyssey xover question [Re: michael_d]
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I suspect you are getting ALOT of room reinforcement for Audyssey to set QS8's at 50. I would set them at the lowest to 60 and as has been mentioned 80 is the norm. I would also raise the M60 to 60hz and switch back and forth between 60/80hz and then leave it where it sounds the best.
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#323207 - 09/18/10 09:51 PM Re: Another Audyssey xover question [Re: smaggard]
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Scott, there's no good reason to be concerned about those settings and there's certainly no "pain" involved. I suspect that some of your possible concern may be due to a misinterpretation of that 80Hz setting regarding the EP350. This isn't a sub crossover setting between the sub and speakers; it's simply the setting for the low-pass filter on the LFE channel which occasionally has some content during movies. The crossovers between the sub and speakers always match. For example, the roll-off below 40Hz which was set for the M60s is matched by a roll-off above 40Hz(not 80Hz)in the sub for the main speakers. Your 807 simply left the LFE low-pass filter at the 80Hz THX default. Although the LFE channel theoretically extends to 120Hz, in practice little or nothing above about 80Hz is mixed into it. Higher settings may possibly let in a little more noise, such as the 120Hz harmonic of the 60Hz power. I leave mine at the 80Hz default.

As to the speaker crossovers, keep in mind that the bass extension of any speaker during actual home use may be higher or lower than the manufacturer's spec, depending on the room and the location of the speaker and listener within it. Audyssey measured the net result of all these factors. Dr. Kyriakakis of Audyssey points out that a higher setting can be made manually after the Audyssey setup without any problem. For example, Audyssey measured my M22s as being capable for a 60Hz crossover; nevertheless, I wanted to give my EP500 more to do and the M22s less, so I manually reset that crossover to 80Hz. I'd suggest that you do the same with your M60s and QS8s.

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.

#323213 - 09/18/10 10:10 PM Re: Another Audyssey xover question [Re: JohnK]
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Thanks for the tips everyone, very helpful! grin I did mean the LPE filter as I set the EP350's xover at max (120) to bypass it. I had the gain of the EP350 about half way and I think the levels it set for the sub were -13.5 db which is near the maximum cut I believe, that was a little surprising. And I think the mains were -6.5db if I recall so I will definitely do some tweaking/experimenting to see what sounds best. I realize audyssey is a tool and it really comes down to me trying to dial it in and bring out the best of everything for my given room. I know I'll have to re run everything once I get the VP 150 but this is all good information to have!

By the way mroom is about 18x13x8 so it isn't that big of a room.

thanks again!


#323216 - 09/18/10 11:02 PM Re: Another Audyssey xover question [Re: smaggard]
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My qs 8s are crossed over at 90hz


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