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#327300 - 11/02/10 01:23 AM Thoughts on new television purchase?
icehawk21 Offline

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I've recently decided to pull the trigger on a major upgrade of my home theater/TV system. I decided to upgrade my TV and purchase a new pre-pro/receiver and Blu-Ray player. I'm also considering purchasing a second subwoofer, upgrading my center channel and adding height speakers to be used in Prologic IIz Height or Audyssey DSX Height configuration.

I've already purchased the TV - a 60" LG 60PK550 plasma to replace my current 51" Sony CRT rear projection. I got a great deal on the TV and it's received good reviews, especially as a bang-for-buck plasma. I'm planning on having it professionally calibrated as well.

I still enjoy my current Sony TV but I decided that I wanted to step up in size to 60" and wanted to upgrade to fully support 1080p/24fps resolution from a Blu-Ray player.

I was wondering what others think I'll notice going from an (uncalibrated) CRT rear projection TV to a (calibrated) plasma? Is it going to be a significant improvement in picture quality or will it be more subtle? Will the black levels of the plasma compete with the RPTV's black levels - which are, subjectively, pretty good. I'm expecting the black levels to be on par but the color to be a bit more "lively" and have a bit more pop.

What should I expect? Personally, I'm mostly interested in the size increase and the ability to play Blu-Ray at full resolution - any improvements in picture quality would simply be icing on the cake smile

Any random thoughts on the upgrade?



#327323 - 11/02/10 08:02 AM Re: Thoughts on new television purchase? [Re: icehawk21]
terzaghi Offline

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I think it will be night and day difference! Report back after you have had a chance to watch a good bluray. Watch the animated movie coraline, and you will be blown away by picture quality! Try 9 as well.

Report back after you have had some time to watch a few movies!

I personally have never been into paying a professional technician to calibrate my TV. I've always been satisfied with calibrating myself using a home user Calibration disc such as AVia or DVE. However, the professional technician will have access to a whole slew of menus that you could seriously mess some stuff up in if you didn't know what you were doing.

#327377 - 11/02/10 02:19 PM Re: Thoughts on new television purchase? [Re: terzaghi]
Capn_Pickard Offline

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With a set that big, you probably will notice a little increased definition over a 720p set, but not much.

As far as color/black levels, I hope you notice a difference. Please report back and let us know.

I will be especially interested in learning if you notice any weird artifacts when watching material in 240hz mode. I find the video interpolation software on some sets (used to increase a normal 30 or 60hz signal) introduces funny looking screen effects, where the foreground appears separated from the background.

#327395 - 11/02/10 03:52 PM Re: Thoughts on new television purchase? [Re: Capn_Pickard]
jakewash Offline
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3D? laugh
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#327400 - 11/02/10 04:13 PM Re: Thoughts on new television purchase? [Re: jakewash]
fredk Offline

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Going CRT to plasma I would not think you would notice any difference in black levels. The CRT should be a bit better.

I would think that the image quality difference will depend largely on how well calibrated your CRT was and how close you sit. Once you are past a certain distance for a given screen size, you will be unable to tell the difference between 720 and 1080.

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#327428 - 11/03/10 12:36 AM Re: Thoughts on new television purchase? [Re: fredk]
icehawk21 Offline

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jakewash - nope, not 3D. Not sold on it yet. Besides, I have no interest in wearing glasses over my presciption glasses to watch TV. It was actually kinda funny - went to Future Shop with my 5 year old daughter and it was hilarious watching her hold the glasses to her face to watch the Panasonic 3D demo. I could just see us all watching a movie as a family and having to hold these glasses to our face while eating popcorn. My son would probably destroy them before they had 10 hours of use.

#327429 - 11/03/10 12:40 AM Re: Thoughts on new television purchase? [Re: icehawk21]
icehawk21 Offline

Registered: 04/23/06
Posts: 122
My CRT was not really calibrated. I simply ran some test patterns from a THX DVD and dialed in the user settings. Still achieved a pretty good picture - better than most TVs I've seen. But it was starting to dim a bit and probably needed to be serviced - lenses/mirrors cleaned, etc. Figured I'd rather buy a new TV and move up to 60" and full 1080p.

I agree - I think the PQ will be an improvement. I'm just hoping the black levels aren't worse. But I think the color and pop will be big improvement. Plus the ability to play Blu-Ray at 24fps is intriguing. I'll report back once I get it setup.

Anyone upgrade from a CRT rear projection and have regrets?


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