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#327564 - 11/04/10 09:52 PM M22 ok with VP180?
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The system I'm considering is the M22 for L/R, VP180 Center, QS4 or QS8 for surround and Epik Legend sub. My basement theater room is about 16x14 with 9' tray ceiling and has great acoustics, set up as a dedicated theater room. Sitting area is about 11 ft from the tv, a 65" Panasonic plasma. Will the M22 pair well with the VP180? I've read some not so flattering reviews of the VP150. Another option I'm considering is on-wall mount M2's for side (instead of QS8)and maybe some Monoprice or Polk in-ceiling (which would go in the "tray" of the ceiling) for rear surround for a 7.1 system. I'm just trying to keep this under $2,000, so the M80's are probably out of the question. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

#327570 - 11/04/10 10:23 PM Re: M22 ok with VP180? [Re: PTF]
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Welcome to the forum!

For the surround, I would stick to the QS as they will do a much better job at it. Few people commented that going from 5.1 to 7.1 with the QS8 was only a minor improvement. They are that good.

As for the M22s with the VP180, I am not aware of anybody that tried this configuration but I would guess they would be a good tonal match.
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#327571 - 11/04/10 10:24 PM Re: M22 ok with VP180? [Re: PTF]
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Oh heck yes.

M22's and VP180 would be a great setup, especially with the Epik sub.

I want to very strongly encourage you to get the QS8's. They are really wonderful speakers. I think 5.1 with them would be much better than 7.1 with some kind of ceiling speaker compromise on the rears.

I think the alleged problems with the VP150 are overblown. I also think the VP180 is a killer, no compromise center channel.

M22's and a good sub will be great in that room.
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#327575 - 11/04/10 10:37 PM Re: M22 ok with VP180? [Re: bdpf]
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Thanks for the quick reply Bruno! Maybe I'll just bite the bullet and get the M80's. Otherwise I may always regret it and end up buying them anyway. Besides, the Paradigm Studio 20 bookshelf I was looking at are about the same price. And you're right, it seems like everyone with the QS8's are very happy with them. -Paul

#327576 - 11/04/10 10:37 PM Re: M22 ok with VP180? [Re: tomtuttle]
rubbertoe Offline

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I'm not nearly knowledgeable as most on this forum (not quite, but almost a noob) but when I posed the question to Axiom, they suggested that M22's would be a better sonic match with the VP150 and should I decide to go with the VP180 (which I did), I should match it up with towers (M80 or M60) - I chose the M80's. Don't have them yet but in a few days (hopefully) I'll be able to ditto the QS8's.

#327578 - 11/04/10 10:42 PM Re: M22 ok with VP180? [Re: rubbertoe]
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That'll be a killer system, make sure you post your impressions.
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#327579 - 11/04/10 10:56 PM Re: M22 ok with VP180? [Re: Adrian]
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If you're a major movie buff, go for it.

Otherwise, upgrade your mains, you won't regret it. Much "bigger" sound from M60's/M80's

However. The M22's ARE awesome speakers. They'll play loud and clean. With music, I'd say you'd be fine with M22's, movies are different.

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#327584 - 11/04/10 11:53 PM Re: M22 ok with VP180? [Re: PTF]
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Paul, welcome. At that listening distance in that size room the M22s with the lowest bass provided by the sub would be excellent and should leave nothing to be desired.

In that size room the wider dispersion of the QSs would make them preferable for the surrounds.

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#327974 - 11/10/10 09:56 AM Re: M22 ok with VP180? [Re: JohnK]
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Thanks everyone for your input, it's truly appreciated! It's great to hear everyone is so happy with Axiom, makes it easy for me to pick Axiom over other brands. I've listened to several Paradigm and B&W speaker setups and I do like them, but they are just way too expensive for me. From everything I've read, Axiom provides the best value by far compared to any other brand.


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