So I just looked on ebay for a number of different speaker manufacturers. (I am a bit giddy, fed-ex tracking says my speakers arrived in Needham, Mass. at 8:30 this morning. That's about a half an hour from me...think they'll be dropped off today or tomorrow?) The search criteria was simply:
|brand| speakers

Anyway, I only looked at the number of results that came back (read as, this is not scientific research by any stretch.) Here are some results.

Axiom: 3
Wharfedale: 22
Cambridge Soundworks: 32
Boston Acoustics: 60
Cerwin Vega: 66
Bose: 287
Sony: 430
Pioneer: 433

Now, certainly the bigger brands make a lot more unfortunately we can't draw the concrete line that more people are happy with axioms and don't have any interest in selling them. But it's nice to pretend we can, isn't it?
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