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Kino der Toten Strategy On Solo

Note 1: This strategy is geared for n00bs. It has an effective trade-off between risk aversion and maximizing money. More advanced strategies use pistol and a knife in early rounds (1-5) to maximize money. Advanced strategies also use a lot claymores and a technique of what is called “kiting”. More advanced strategies tend not to use traps either.

Note 2: In early rounds 1-5 let all zombies get through the barriers. The only way to get perks such as Insta-Kill, Max Ammo, Fire Bomb, Wrench etc is to kill them outside the barrier.

Note 3: After round 5, always leave a single zombie or crawler alive so you then can run around the map repairing barriers, buy perks, turning on the power most importantly activating and linking the teleporter before the next round starts.

Round 1: Immediately buy quick revive for $500 in the lobby. Shoot each zombie in chest or leg 4 times and then knife him for max money. Max repair barriers.

Round 2: Shoot each zombie 8 times and knife for max money. Max repair in the process. You will now have enough money for M14 rifle. Buy it.

Round 3: Use m14 rifle. Shoot each zombie 2 times in the body and knife. Repeat process. Repair barriers for extra money.

Round 4: Use m14 rifle. Shoot each zombie 4 times in the body and knife. If things get overwhelming, open the upstairs door to the right and use grenades and go for headshots with the rifle. Avoid close combat. You can open the next door if you want, go down the stairs and replace the pistol with the stakeout shotgun. Finish off the zombies with the shotgun.

Round 5: Every 5th or 6th round is dogs. The stakeout shotgun if very effective. Cornering yourself with the stakeout and killing the dogs when they get close is an easy strategy. The last dog you kill will always give you a max ammo perk.

Round 6: In the upstairs portion of foyer room purchase the stakeout shotgun (if you don’t have it yet), go down the stairs and replace the rifle with MP40. Kill zombies entering through barriers in the bottom portion of the foyer and keep on eye for zombies coming down the stairs on both sides. When you see this, open the door across from Speed Cola vending machine. Go through the dressing room, open the door and enter on the stage. Run to the other end of the stage (where the power switch is) and start throwing grenades and using the MP40 going for headshots. Be careful of any zombies on the barrier to left side. Shotgun takes care of them. Once it gets overwhelming with enemies coming towards you, move to left side of the stage with the shotgun and run back to the dressing room. Shotgun or avoid any enemies in the process. Now that you have some distance use the MP40 (keep an eye from behind). Now, leave one zombie alive, repair barriers for extra money. Hopefully at this point you have at least $2500 dollars. Go back to the stage, turn on the power activate the teleporter, buy Juggernog for $2500 and then link the warp pad in the lobby to the stage. Kill final zombie.

Round 7: Start out on the stage by the warp pad. Round starts, zombies and crawlers start coming. Warp to the room above the stage. Buy grenades in this room. Zombies and crawlers will starting forming in bunches by the stage. Throw grenades until exhausted. Equip MP40 and pepper bullets to remaining zombies and crawlers until you are warped back. Once it ends you will be back in the initial starting room and zombies will be coming from the stage room. Turn around (if your quick revive is gone because you died, now is the time to buy it). Go up the stairs, turn right through the door and activate the trap. This will kill any zombies and crawlers running behind you. Now lap your way through the foyer, dressing room, stage, lobby etc. Killing zombies and crawlers in the way. It is important to leave 1 zombie or crawler alive because you want to repair barriers and wait for the teleporter to initiate again so you can re-activate it and link it for the next round.

Round 8 -15: Repeat strategy of round 7. When you have enough money buy the SpeedCola perk. Continue to hoard money for the mystery box. Buy some claymores.

Round 15 to infinity: Repeat strategy of round 7. Spend money on mystery box over and over until you get the ray gun and monkey bombs or really any gun you like. Save money and buy pack a punch to upgrade your weapons. PAP is important as enemies can take a lot more damage. Repeat strategy of lapping around level.

Happy Pwning!

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