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#339742 - 02/23/11 09:06 PM VP180 impressions
BigbassDave78 Offline

Registered: 02/23/11
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Hello fellow Axiom Enthusiasts,
I am currently running M80 fronts, vp150 center, and Qs8 surrounds. I absolutely LOVE everything other than the 150. I even use M22 bookshelves in my bedroom and think they are top notch! The 150 sounded really nice in my condo but recently I bought a house and my living room is much larger now. For some reason the 150 seems to be stuggling to keep up with the mains and also sounds a bit hollow. I did experiment with turning up the volume to the center alone and that helped a tad. I am thinking about upgrading the VP180 but I am hesitant to pull the trigger without hearing it or at least hearing what people think about it first as the return shipping on this beast from California would be substantial. I have heard a lot of grumbling about the layout of the tweeters on this speaker. People who have yet to listen to a 180 seem to be instantly turned off to it because of the distance from one tweeter to the next. I would absolutely love to hear from Axiom owners who have the speaker, especially if you upgraded from a 150. Better yet, I know this is a long shot but if anyone in the San Diego, CA area has one of these and wouldn't mind demoing it I would be greatly obliged. Thanks to all in advance!

#339744 - 02/23/11 09:11 PM Re: VP180 impressions [Re: BigbassDave78]
SirQuack Offline
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Hey Dave, I know if you use the search function there are threads from some of the other owners. Just search for VP180 in the subject line. I know SRoode did a very nice review and he has a kick a$$ setup. smile I just got mine, but am in the middle of remodeling the HT so haven't had a lot of listening time with it. Right now all my other speakers are packed away and the VP180 is vertical cranking up some tunes while I apply my mud coats to the drywall. smile Sounds killer.
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#339767 - 02/23/11 10:53 PM Re: VP180 impressions [Re: SirQuack]
CatBrat Offline

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I was wondering how 3 vertical VP180s would work behind an acoustically transparent (AT) screen. Would it sound better, worse, or the same as 3 vertical M80s?

#339768 - 02/23/11 10:57 PM Re: VP180 impressions [Re: BigbassDave78]
JohnK Offline
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Dave, welcome. I can't do VP180 impressions, but I do have a suggestion for a "new" center speaker that you can try for free to see if it makes a difference. Take one of your M22s and set it up as a vertical center(even in front of the screen for a temporary experiment)to get some idea of what a change might do.

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#339773 - 02/23/11 11:20 PM Re: VP180 impressions [Re: JohnK]
nickbuol Offline

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I have a VP150 and have had similar questions in the past. I was hoping to hear things like "just get a second VP150 or add a VP100", but instead, I hear that the VP180 is significantly superior to even dual VP150 setups. That is frustrating since I don't like the idea of having to auction off my VP150 to get a VP180. I just fear that I won't get enough out of it to be an "easy" financial upgrade. It is definitely on my list of things to look closer at though. I hear that going from a VP150 to a VP180 is a bigger upgrade than going from M60 fronts to M80 fronts.

I will probably get another set of QS8's first though, but like I said, it will always be on my list...
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#339777 - 02/23/11 11:29 PM Re: VP180 impressions [Re: CatBrat]
grunt Offline

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Originally Posted By: CatBrat
I was wondering how 3 vertical VP180s would work behind an acoustically transparent (AT) screen. Would it sound better, worse, or the same as 3 vertical M80s?

Probably worse since it was designed differently for better horizontal dispersion when oriented horizontally . Though I suspect a vertical VP180 would sound better than a horizontal M80.
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#339778 - 02/23/11 11:35 PM Re: VP180 impressions [Re: grunt]
bdpf Offline

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Here is a link to what I wrote when I got it. I'll also find other owner's comments.
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#339780 - 02/24/11 12:07 AM Re: VP180 impressions [Re: grunt]
CV Offline
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Originally Posted By: grunt
Probably worse since it was designed differently for better horizontal dispersion when oriented horizontally . Though I suspect a vertical VP180 would sound better than a horizontal M80.

I'd still like to see someone try using VP180s vertically as mains. Maybe if I ever get duals for centers. Hey, maybe JC can try. While it's true that it was designed to be a horizontal center, I still wonder if the driver arrangement could sound decent vertically, since, Dean, don't you prefer your M80 tweeters elevated above ear level? If you made the mids of the VP180 at ear level, the tweeters would be above and below your ears instead of at ear level. You'd need a stand, which would be odd for such a big speaker, but I just wonder if the current M80 design (and that of a lot of other loudspeakers) is a compromise since most companies don't want to ship speakers that go from your floor to your ceiling, so it's just easier to make a speaker with tweeters at the top of the enclosure.

#339781 - 02/24/11 12:08 AM Re: VP180 impressions [Re: bdpf]
Ken.C Offline
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Axiom did test it with different layouts before settling on the unconventional layout they're using. Just because it looks different doesn't mean it's wrong... and I've heard nothing but praise from owners around here.
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#339785 - 02/24/11 12:24 AM Re: VP180 impressions [Re: Ken.C]
avjunkee Offline

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Best way IMHO for you to get an idea of what the VP180 sounds like:

1. Listen to the VP180 in your room.
2. Listen to a phantom centre from two M80's in your room.
3. Listen to the VP180 in some else's room.
4. Listen to a single M80.

These will give you a good idea of the VP180's capabilities IMHO; if you like the sound of M80's then you'll like the sound of the VP180. FWIW I actually found the phantom centre to sound quite close to the VP180, but the VP180 was even more defined and sounded way better off axis.
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