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Poster Wiggins Offline
Posted 03/01/11 02:13 AM
New purchase of Axiom m60's and vp150 v3 in my setup. Purchased February 2011. The vp150 is A stock and the m60's are B stock. They replaced Paradigm Monitor 11's and a CC-290 v5's. Pictures taken with iPhone 4.

Panasonic 50" pz85u
Yamaha htr-6190(RXV 1800)
Axiom m60's v3
Axiom vp150 v3
Paradigm Mini Monitor's v5
PS3 Slim
Motorola DVR
Nintendo wii
Xsymphony 12awg speaker cable to front 3 speakers
Monoprice 18awg to rear speakers
Dimensions 896x1200
Size 165.05 KB

#340460 - 03/01/11 06:05 AM Re: Wiggins new Axiom m60 and vp150 [Re: Wiggins]
MarkSJohnson Offline
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Registered: 09/27/04
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Loc: Central NH
Nice looking setup!
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#340462 - 03/01/11 06:41 AM Re: Wiggins new Axiom m60 and vp150 [Re: MarkSJohnson]
SirQuack Offline
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Loc: Iowa
Do they sound as good as they look in your room?
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#340463 - 03/01/11 07:25 AM Re: Wiggins new Axiom m60 and vp150 [Re: SirQuack]
Argon Offline

Registered: 07/24/04
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Loc: Oak Ridge, NC
The Black looks nice in there. Are you happy with the B Stock purchase?
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#340470 - 03/01/11 09:17 AM Re: Wiggins new Axiom m60 and vp150 [Re: Argon]
bdpf Offline

Registered: 06/28/08
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Loc: Toronto, Canada
Nice setup! Is the VP150 upside down to be tilted that much up?
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#340471 - 03/01/11 09:24 AM Re: Wiggins new Axiom m60 and vp150 [Re: Wiggins]
pmbuko Offline
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Loc: Ben Lomond, California
That looks fantastic!
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#340473 - 03/01/11 09:32 AM Re: Wiggins new Axiom m60 and vp150 [Re: pmbuko]
Adrian Offline

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Very nice! what are your impressions so far?
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#340515 - 03/01/11 02:44 PM Re: Wiggins new Axiom m60 and vp150 [Re: Adrian]
Wiggins Offline

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Loc: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Thanks guys for the compliments and glad you like the pictures. Still getting used to them but they sound pretty good the way the room is now. The vp150 is upside down as I wanted to angle it up towards our heads instead of having it aimed at our coffee table/knees. The speakers fill a good size room of 2500 ft that opens up to a foyer which opens up to the upstairs that has 15 foot ceilings at the peak. The sound upstairs is quite impressive as well.

As for the B stock purchase I am not fully satisfied. I have read on here people who have bought B stock not being able to find a flaw or if they did they could only find one minor flaw. I unfortunately found one too many. You can't see it from far away but on closer inspection it becomes very apparent. The drivers outer basket ring have scratches on them, the glue on some drivers between the rubber surround and outer basket ring is runny where as on other it is a perfect uniform circle. A few light scratches on the top of my left side tower and nick in the front corner of the veneer. I am still deciding if I can live with that or not. My Paradigm's I just sold after having them for three years are in better cosmetic shape than these...even after a move across the country from Edmonton to Halifax. The Axiom logo was missing on one of the towers but I later found it in the bag but it doesn't fit snug into the holes like the other. The top front left corner the veneer's have a little gap and you can see the wood which really sticks out. I usd a fine point sharpie to color this in and you can not tell anymore at all of that flaw. I would recommend spikes for the carpet as they are very wobbly and can be easily knocked over due to the narrow placement of the feet. This is not a knock on Axiom in anyway as it is B stock but I wasn't expecting as much as I had found and I still paid $1100 in the end for them after taxes.

As for the sound I have used the YPAO but have not calibrated it myself. I will post a more thorough review on them soon. It sounds great though so far after about 20 hours use. Some tracks I have noticed a difference in bass, some it wasn't as strong but in others much more apparent which I found odd. To get to the same volume levels as I have been accustomed to with my previous speakers I have to turn it up quite a bit more. For example I used to listen generally between the -20 to -10 on the Yamaha dial and now I have it up anywhere between -15 to 0 (+16.5 is the max). I find there is a little more control over the volume when watching a movie as the volume level doesn't get as high as quickly. Again this is comparing to a speaker rated at 97db/1w/1m in room. The tweeter is definitely not as harsh as people describe it to be and I found it smoother than my Monitor 11's. The speakers are 17.5 inches from the back wall. My right speaker is 20 inches from the side wall and my left speaker has no immediate wall near it to the side.

I have my Mini-Monitor's for sale and trying to figure out how I can mount a QS8 in here and get speaker wire to be concealed. I may go for a bookshelf as rears again for now and pick up QS8's later on and move the bookshelves to the back and then have a 7 speaker system. If I were to go with a bookshelf what would you recommend?

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#340540 - 03/01/11 07:57 PM Re: Wiggins new Axiom m60 and vp150 [Re: Wiggins]
Philippe Offline

Registered: 07/01/09
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You have create a great room, very simple, like it. good job.
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#340547 - 03/01/11 09:00 PM Re: Wiggins new Axiom m60 and vp150 [Re: Philippe]
jakewash Offline
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Loc: Calgary, Alberta
Looks very good.

I think there now needs to be a few more posts dispelling the idea of no flaws on B stock. The new auction site only sells true B stock and many of us believe we were actually sold A stock through the now defunct Factory Outlet more often than not.
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