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#342002 - 03/13/11 09:15 PM Audiobyte question
bluray Offline
old hand

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I bought (twice) v3 Audiobytes with the EPZero sub. I say twice, because the first amp was defective; power seemed to fade out momentarily from time to time. No such problem with the second one. However, I hear a distinct hum/buzz from the time it's powered on; gets somewhat drowned out by the music. The left and right drivers and the EPZero all exhibit this "noise." It's independent of volume level on the amp. The drivers have it whether or not the EPZero is connected. I also tried different cable connections with no change. Finally, it's independent of source input (computer or IPod touch). As I'm writing this now, I realized one more troubleshot would be to disconnect the input altogether -- just did and get same noise just from the unit being on. It's not loud, but it doesn't seem right for a product of this purported caliber. Since I haven't yet sent the first amp back, I rehooked it up and frankly hear the same noise. I don't expect silence, but I'm quite disappointed. BTW, I own M80s, VP180, EP800, and two pairs of M22s; love them all. Don't see too much discussion about Audiobytes from all of you. For those that have a set, do you think this noise is normal? Having heard it from two amps, I'm guessing it might just be. Is it the nature of this type of system? I have never experienced it with several receivers and currently a pre-pro and amp just by nature of having a system powered on. One last question. My second amp has what appear to be isonode brand feet. The first had no feet at all. Made me wonder if it's a returned product. Again, amp 1 and 2 both exhibit the noise, so the query on the feet is just a matter of curiosity. Thanks.

#342009 - 03/13/11 10:26 PM Re: Audiobyte question [Re: bluray]
Ken.C Offline
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I have original Audiobytes, and there is no hum. I have a set of v3s on the way, and I expect there will be no hum from them, either. You sure it's not a ground problem or something like?
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#342012 - 03/13/11 10:47 PM Re: Audiobyte question [Re: Ken.C]
BlueJays1 Offline

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There should be no noise present and drowning out the hum with music is not a acceptable solution to your problem. Call support.
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#342047 - 03/14/11 08:00 AM Re: Audiobyte question [Re: BlueJays1]
MarkSJohnson Offline
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Can you try plugging them in somewhere else...away from other stuff...and just hooking up a battery-powered iPod or disc player or something?

The point is to try to isolate any ground-loop issues....
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#342050 - 03/14/11 09:25 AM Re: Audiobyte question [Re: MarkSJohnson]
alan Offline


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Hello bluray,

As Mark and kcarlile have suggested, such noise is not normal and all the symptoms you describe point to ground-loop hum. Try connecting the AudioByte amp to a different AC receptacle in your room and don't use a surge protector or power conditioner. Disconnect all inputs. The hum should disappear. If re-connecting any AC-powered device to the Audiobyte amp causes the hum to return, try different combinations of reversing the AC plug on the connected device or using a different (or the same) AC source. One combination will work.

If the hum remains, then call the toll-free number.

Alan Lofft,
Axiom Resident Expert (Retired)

#342103 - 03/14/11 07:48 PM Re: Audiobyte question [Re: alan]
bluray Offline
old hand

Registered: 12/31/07
Posts: 90
Thanks Alan et al. I will report on my findings when I have the opportunity to play around with it all tomorrow night.

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