Killing two birds.

Once more, thanks to all who offered comments on my little Vatican Voltmonger problem.

Bob said nothing to Tom. Tom left to see another client and left Joe behind to finish.

Earlier that week, Cool Joe and Crazy Tom got in to a tussle over Joe's still-low wage, now that he's been fully licensed for a year.

I asked if he'd changed his mind about "side-work."
He didn't answer. He ripped off the flap of a paint carton, wrote down his home # and handed it to me.
He smiled and asked, "Fifty bucks OK?"

Tough one. Cool Joe for $50, or Crazy Tom for $90?

Still winning!

Patty looked way better that the promo photo.
400-seat Auditorium that seats 400. (Hey, all that redundancy here does rub off.)

Told stories that segued into her 2010 National Book Award tome about 1969-1989 years with Mapplethorpe. Then to everyone's surprise, she took her guitar out from hiding and did a new song.

With that format she did 3 of each, story, reading, song. She also did "Blakian Years."

She finished with an acapella version of "Because the Night." I was never a fan, but I'm getting all squirelly now just recalling it. It was stunning.

Her voice has lost a lot of its shrill bits and even she likes it better now than what it was in her youth.

Not a single word about drugs. Like it never happened. Maybe I can get away with that when, like she is, I'm 64.

Always call the place you live a house. When you're old, everyone else will call it a home.