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#343095 - 03/24/11 12:55 PM Need a comparison please....
commutair Offline

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Guys I am all for these axiom speakers JUST ON reputation alone. I have never heard them in my life. That being said I was able to hear paradigm monitor 9 and B and W 800 series. Could you guys compare these speakers to the axiom for me. Do they sound like the m80s m60 etc. The B and W sounded insane but they were something like $3750 a piece. I'm talking about floorstanding speakers only. By the way the monitor 9 sounded really good and clear. I hope the axioms sound better. thanks guys.... I'm gonna pull the trigger on speakers soon....John

#343097 - 03/24/11 01:01 PM Re: Need a comparison please.... [Re: commutair]
Ken.C Offline
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What we usually hear is that the M80s are similar to Paradigm Studio 100s and B&W 700 series. Haven't heard the B&W comparison for awhile, but that's what we used to say...
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#343099 - 03/24/11 01:02 PM Re: Need a comparison please.... [Re: commutair]
michael_d Offline

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They are more akin to the Paradigm Studio 100's than the monitors or any B/W. Where do you live? There's probably someone close by who would be more than happy to let you take their axiom system for a spin.

#343104 - 03/24/11 01:20 PM Re: Need a comparison please.... [Re: michael_d]
Adrian Offline

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Yes, the M80s are most similar to the Studio 100's, at least the M80v2 vs the Studio 100v4s I listened to a couple of years ago(not AB).
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#343142 - 03/24/11 07:32 PM Re: Need a comparison please.... [Re: Adrian]
fredk Offline

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The B&W 800 series has a wide range of performance from poor to very good, so it really depends which 800 series speaker you are looking at.

There was the bookshelf comparison between the M3 and an 800D series at the anniversary get together. For the money, the M3 won hands down and in many ways was on par to the much more expensive B&W sonically.

It is very hard to beat Axiom for the $$

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#343177 - 03/25/11 08:26 AM Re: Need a comparison please.... [Re: fredk]
Murph Offline

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I participated in that test and I would agree. I don't have the experience nor the proper vocabulary to describe the subtle differences in sound I heard between the two but I will share my end result as general impressions.

At first listen, something in the 800Ds (of course I didn't know which was which at the time)caught my ear and seemed to make me prefer them. A few songs in, what first caught my ear started to become 'too obvious' and grew just a bit tiresome. I began to prefer the other speakers a bit but it was a tough call in many categories. In general, although the M3s didn't have that first attention grabbing, "in your face" emphasis, they consistently seemed to better portray all the various music tones more accurately pleasingly. ((After writing "accurately" I realized that that is probably a bit subjective. Without also hearing the exact source material as it was produced, how can I claim "accuracy?"))

Honestly, if I received either speaker as a gift, I would be extremely happy. But in the double blind testing, it turned out my score sheet gave a slight edge to the Axioms. If I had to buy them and I must say I enjoyed both, price becomes the defining factor.

Again, this is the opinion of an average Joe. I'm not a speaker professional but hats off to Axiom for allowing us average Joes in and giving us the opportunity to experience how a real double blind listening test works and for being brave enough to include the competition as part of that test.

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#343227 - 03/25/11 05:25 PM Re: Need a comparison please.... [Re: Murph]
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Before ordering my M80v3's I auditioned the Paradigm Monitor 9's along with other brands. To my ears the M80's won by a wide margin.

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#343240 - 03/25/11 08:53 PM Re: Need a comparison please.... [Re: GTZ]
jakewash Offline
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It seems to me the B&W 803's(?) were similar in sound as well as teh already mentioned Studio 100's are very similar.
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