Most of you are prolly aware of my sub woes.....which are still in a state of flux. My wife gives me grief "as much as you paid for those speakers - you sure have had a bunch of trouble". Now, on the sub, I tend to agree but, on the other 5 - not a moment's problem and I still can not believe how good the sound is. Just got back from a long weekend at the beach and it is a comfort zone thing to get back to just watchin TV. ANYWAY, I felt I should post that just prior to dishing out the grief, she said "I like the way 'they' sound and all, but...." that brief phrase is akin to a 5 star rating - previously reserved for our Harmony remote.

Since this is the "Water Cooler" thread, I felt it was ok to post this totally meaningless, inane topic.
"A fanatic is someone who can't change his mind and won't change the subject" Churchill