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#354422 - 09/09/11 10:04 PM Upgrade from M-22s
th3at3rguy Offline

Registered: 06/10/09
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Loc: Michigan
Hi everyone I have the M-22s the 150 center with the q8s with an svs sub. I power them with a new onkyo txnr809. Im thinking of upgrading to a floorstanding and am wondering if its even worth it to to go to the m60 or m50. And do they still except trade ins to take some off the price?

#354430 - 09/09/11 10:22 PM Re: Upgrade from M-22s [Re: th3at3rguy]
JohnK Offline
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Guy, when M22s are paired with a good SVS sub handling the low bass, it's questionable if switching to a tower speaker such as the M60 can be realistically termed an "upgrade". Keep in mind that your M22s use two 5 1/4" drivers, while the M60 uses one. If anything, the M22 therefore has greater dynamic capabilities(can play louder with low distortion)in the important mid-range than does the M60. The larger enclosure brings no benefits above the bass, and your sub handles the most difficult part of that.

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#354433 - 09/09/11 10:25 PM Re: Upgrade from M-22s [Re: JohnK]
fredk Offline

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I agree with John. I had a chance to do a side by side M22 + sub M60 comparison. I was surprised that they sounded almost identical.

If your M22s are v2 then you might get some improvement from stepping up to v3.

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#354435 - 09/09/11 10:30 PM Re: Upgrade from M-22s [Re: fredk]
SirQuack Offline
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Guy, you would have to sell your speakers on the Axiom auction, then that money can go towards your next Axiom purchase.

I've never done a side by side comparison in the same room, but I would always take my M60's, or now M80's with a sub, over my M22's and a sub. Maybe it is the type of music or levels I listen to, the floorstanding speakers give you more impact due to the larger enclosure, even if you use a sub.

For music, I've never found a sub to make up that tight bass you get from a good floor standing speakers.
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#354439 - 09/09/11 10:44 PM Re: Upgrade from M-22s [Re: SirQuack]
bdpf Offline

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I agree with Randy. I find that I like more the way my system sounds when crossed over at 40Hz rather than 80Hz. If the towers are to be crossed at 80Hz, it should be little difference with the 22s, but if crossed lower, I find also to have more impact from the mid bass punch.
Either or not this small difference is worth the price tag is a different story.
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#354486 - 09/10/11 10:49 PM Re: Upgrade from M-22s [Re: bdpf]
FireGuy Offline

Registered: 10/31/07
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Loc: Buffalo, New York
I'll concur with JohnK as well. I had a rather good listening session in August over a weekend to thoroughly evaluate and enjoy a pair of my brother's M22's with dual subs. The sound was incredible with more than adequate dynamic range and good imaging. Not sure if it's the Musical Paradise tube amp but the overall presentation was exceptional. I don't think you can wrong with either the M22 of M60.
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#354505 - 09/11/11 03:44 PM Re: Upgrade from M-22s [Re: FireGuy]
casey01 Offline

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Hmm, my experience in a good comparison between the M22s and sub to M60'(I have since changed to M80s)was fairly profound. Even with the appropriate crossover setting and as good as they are, I found in a home theater application especially when the volume was cranked up, the M22s strained somewhat at the mid bass levels, something that was eliminated by changing to the M60s with sub(must be those larger woofers in the M60s and 80s).

Perhaps certain programming would make a difference in what you are hearing when making a comparison but, in my opinion and after years of experimentation, having the largest speakers possible in the left/center/right positions just seem to handle everything you throw at it with more ease.

#354511 - 09/11/11 05:28 PM Re: Upgrade from M-22s [Re: casey01]
CatBrat Offline

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Amen, brother. That's why I'm thinking about adding some M50's to the mix I currently have (click on sig.)

#354716 - 09/13/11 08:25 PM Re: Upgrade from M-22s [Re: CatBrat]
jakewash Offline
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My own experience with v2 Axioms took me to M80s + sub superior to M22 + sub, the M80/sub has a slightly warmer/fuller sound yet maintaining that great midrange the M22s have. If you want to 'upgrade' go for the M80s. I found the M60+sub and M22 + sub to be some what equal in appeal with the M60 still having that warmer/fuller sound but less midrange than the M80/sub or the M22/sub as the others have mentioned. Most of this is really only noticeable with A/B testing and your own preferences may differ from mine.
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