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#354569 - 09/12/11 12:17 PM Plan$? Oh, yeah, I got plan$
BobKay Offline

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I got health plans, insurance plans, service plans, maintenance plans, banking plans, lease plans, oil delivery plans, credit card plans, calling plans.

The only plans I ever get that don't cost me money are when they come from an architect for a client's cabinets. And not every time there, either.

We've had Verizon landline and ISP for 12 years.
Switched from cable TV to satellite about 7 years ago.

Every time it rains for more than 48 hours, we have no phone/internet service. It takes 3-5 days for them to come, fix it so that it lasts 3 hours, then wait 4-5 days more for them to return to fix it again. In an average year this happens twice. In the past 5 weeks, we've been out 3 times, totaling 16 days. Yes, for 12 years!

We asked Verizon for an adjustment to our bill, which we just received Saturday. From our appx. $100 monthly bill, they deducted $10.

I called Comcast---not advidly. They suggested I go online to thier site. I explained that I could not, so they took pity on me and gave me the online $$.

This phonecall, made from my crappy 3G Verizon phone, was conducted with my head on the kitchen counter. The battery-low light was flashing so I had to use the 18" re-charger plugged into a countertop outlet. It made taking notes very difficult. The fact that I was on the phone with them for an hour made it more painful than annoying.

It took that long to run through all of their PLANS, only to realize that it's like buying a Big Mac and a coke a McD's----- w/o the fries.

So, I took the fries and super-sized everything, since, he kept telling me, this is a 2-year "promotion" and not a 2-year "contract," and I can downgrade w/o a penalty. ("Yes, sir, that's a $300 "change option fee," not a penalty.")

It took 20 minutes and 4 departments for me to get to keep my landline #, since, 13 years ago, I DID have a Comcast acct. under that ph #, so, since it IS their file #, it cannot be used for a NEW account. I had to wait to be finally and officially designated a "returning customer" for that to happen.

DirecTV is getting the boot tomorrow, as I had to commit a Comcast "triple play" just to get HD w/o additional charges.

So, they're coming Thursday to re-admit us to the fold, and I'll be up the roof, patching DirectTV's screwholes. Oh, their HD dish holes, not our old dish's screw holes on the side of the house. Appeared Mr HD Dish didn't like the view from Mr. LowRes Dish's perch.

So now I got more "plans" and more holes to fill. And less money------for my other plans.

Well, at least I got 12 megs instead of our DSL, on clear days anyway.
Always call the place you live a house. When you're old, everyone else will call it a home.

#354945 - 09/16/11 06:11 PM Re: Plan$? Oh, yeah, I got plan$ [Re: BobKay]
Happy Birthday Ray3 Offline

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See, THIS post is what I think would happen if you do that thing with an unlimited number of monkeys using an unlimited number of typewriters.

Having said that Bob, I believe a two-pronged approach my be needed here. 1) More drugs, a much stronger dosage or both should be considered and 2) have one of your friends remove all of the sharp instruments and shoe laces from your home.



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