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#357435 - 10/25/11 05:19 PM A few questions if I may
Andre Offline

Registered: 10/25/11
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Centre Channel:
I have the VP150, currently it is sitting on the carpet in front of my Samsung DLP (tilted up a inch or so), floor is carpet. Would I be better off building a box under the TV just big enough for it to fit or will that make it worse? All the electronic equipment is in the glass and wood stand under the TV.

Surround Speakers:
I have the QS8 on my side walls. I was wonder about putting sound absorbtion panels on the side walls but I am not sure if it they will adversly affect the sound of the sourrounds.

#357436 - 10/25/11 05:35 PM Re: A few questions if I may [Re: Andre]
Brent Offline


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Hi Andre,

If you build an enclosure for the center speaker, the front of the speaker should be slightly forward of the edge of the box, letting the speaker disperse correctly.

Let the QS series disperse to the listening position naturally, the more envelopment you can obtain the better.
Brent Tombari
Axiom Audio Expert

#357438 - 10/25/11 05:55 PM Re: A few questions if I may [Re: Brent]
SirQuack Offline
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Yes Andre, it would be best to raise the center channel higher if you can. Actually, it is best if the tweeters for all front speakers work best at ear level when seated. Angling it upwards does help, but I think the floor is to low.

Panels to reduce reflections are fine, as long as you don't over do it. I have wall and ceiling FRZ (first reflection zonej) panels. If your room has a lot of reflective materials, furniture can only do so much.
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#357443 - 10/25/11 08:16 PM Re: A few questions if I may [Re: SirQuack]
CatBrat Offline

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Only exception is, you probably wouldn't want to put panels where they would keep the QS series from performing their function, such as directly above or below them.

#357469 - 10/26/11 11:17 AM Re: A few questions if I may [Re: CatBrat]
Andre Offline

Registered: 10/25/11
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Thanks for the replies folks. I wonder if I "need" acoustic panels at all. I will discribe my room:
Size 17deep 14wide 8high.
70" DLP in the front, curtained that front wall behind the TV to cover the windows. M22s on 3ft stands on either side of the TV about 1.5feet from the rear all and 2.5ft from side walls.
SVS cylinder sub in the front left corner.
2 couches along the side walls, large beanbag in the centre
opening to room (no door just a curtain) rear right
rear wall has two glass front book cases to hold DVD collection and a plateau equipment rack in the centre
QS8s are approx 6 feet up and just back of centre on the side walls. I had QS4s previously and they are now sitting on their edge on top of foam bricks on top of the two book cases that are in the back of the room for 7.1
Large ceiling fan in the centre of the room (room is above the garage and in the summer its an oven)

It is understood that couchs on the side walls isn't anywhere near optimum seating, theater chairs may be in the future, however we like to lie down and watch movies alot of times.

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#357471 - 10/26/11 11:29 AM Re: A few questions if I may [Re: Andre]
alan Offline


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Hi Andre,

Since you have curtains on one wall and a carpeted floor, as well as couches that I presume are upholstered (not leather), I suspect you do not need absorptive acoustic panels at all. You certainly don't want any panels near the QS surround speakers, and I generally do not recommend panels that absorb first reflections, as these may lessen the "spacious," open quality of the sound.

Alan Lofft,
Axiom Resident Expert (Retired)

#357472 - 10/26/11 11:47 AM Re: A few questions if I may [Re: alan]
Andre Offline

Registered: 10/25/11
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Thanks Alan,

I added the fan too my post above. If you have any suggestions for the room please feel free to educate.

#357473 - 10/26/11 11:52 AM Re: A few questions if I may [Re: Andre]
nickbuol Offline

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I am going to start with bass traps first and see how that goes. While I am working on it, I will look at 1st reflections too and maybe put some make-shift things up to see how much "better" it sounds. If it is marginal, then I will probably skip them since I like the idea (so does my wife) of the nice clean look without visible panels on the walls. Definitely do not diffuse or absorb around the QS speakers. There was a discussion going on in an acoustical treatments thread over at AVS about this too.

I know that SirQuack had 1st reflection point panels in his theater to go with his front bass traps and it sounded great. Not sure which was the best bang for the buck so to speak, but if you have some absorption materials in the room, you might be fine.
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