Been using Axiom Millennia series speakers for home my home theater/music room for the past two years. These are the older Millenia line of speakers that are now discontinued. Currently using pair of AX-500 active subs in conjunction with pair of AX-1 monitors for my mains, AX-1 Center, and AX-3 towers for rears. I have a 12" Signet sub for LFE duty. The Axioms are driven by a Nakamichi IA-1Z integrated. I am most pleased with the performance of these speakers, including 2-channel audio. The sound: smooth, supremely balanced, naturally detailed, and highly musical. Build quality is first-rate. The AX-series Millenia has compelled me to take a good look at the company's current line of products. While I am sad to see the wonderful AX line of Millenia speakers is no longer made, I am pleased that the new Millenia line shares many of the "voicing" qualities and refined tone of its predecessor. The metal drivers that are now used add a degree of "snap" and liveliness to the music that was somewhat missing with the older axioms. I recently bought a pair of M zeros (in gloss black, of course!) and a small Onkyo sub to use as a 2.1 system for my computer. Wow! Never have my mp3s sounded this good. And from such a small package! Thank you, Axiom!