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#366977 - 02/16/12 11:33 PM how has onkyo 609 and M80?
jesbarmo2 Offline

Registered: 02/16/12
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Hi, im new to audio and video and i recently get the onkyo 609 (amercan version) and is rated at 6 ohms, but i like the M80 and i would like know how is the performance, i have read here and there about impedance and some ones say no problem conecting that configuration and others just dont recomend conecting 4 ohms speakers whit amps rated at 6 or 8 ohms, so now i am more confused... i can buy the M60 but i like more the M80 thinking in the future stay whit them and just complete the 5.1 or 7.1 setup.

I am planning move to a bigger house and i would like modify the living room whit big doors to comunicate whit the patio for whatch sports whit friends and beer of course and few little partyes.

that is why im asking who have that onkyo and M80.

how will perform the M80s whit an 2 ohms power resistor in serie? will be the performance equal to M60? or stay better than M60? this arrangement is just curiosity.

thanks in advance for your help.

#366988 - 02/17/12 12:04 AM Re: how has onkyo 609 and M80? [Re: jesbarmo2]
jakewash Offline
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Ther are lots on the forum that are running Onkyo and m80s and have had no problems, however if you are planning on running the M80s outdoors (loudly) or even indoors really loud, you may find the amp will over heat and shut off, moving to some external amplification would help with this situation.
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#367080 - 02/17/12 01:12 PM Re: how has onkyo 609 and M80? [Re: jesbarmo2]
jesbarmo2 Offline

Registered: 02/16/12
Posts: 2
I don play music very loud realy adn the little parties and sports are just few at year so i will go whit m80s then.

Thank you Jason

#367957 - 02/25/12 09:17 PM Re: how has onkyo 609 and M80? [Re: jesbarmo2]
markdar98 Offline
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I dont think the 609 can't do an external amp.

#367960 - 02/25/12 10:06 PM Re: how has onkyo 609 and M80? [Re: jesbarmo2]
JohnK Offline
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J2, welcome. The fact that the 609, as well as most other receivers doesn't carry an official 4 ohm rating shouldn't be a matter of concern. To have such a rating under FTC(Federal Trade Commission)amplifier power regulations, they'd have to drive a 4 ohm laboratory test load at full power for at least 5 continuous minutes. This sort of thing doesn't take place in the real world of home listening and typical receivers such as your 609 can do fine with the M80s unless they're played at extremely loud levels for a long period. The M80s are slightly above average in sensitivity(therefore require less power)and average about 6 ohms in impedance over their frequency range.

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#368096 - 02/27/12 10:45 AM Re: how has onkyo 609 and M80? [Re: jesbarmo2]
alan Offline


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Hi jesbarmo2,

As others have pointed out on this thread, if you have your Onkyo trying to fill a large room with doors open to a patio, you're likely to run it beyond its capabilities and it could overheat and shut down.

By the way, there is no point in using a resistor in series with a pair of M80s. You'll just waste amplifier power heating up the resistor.

The M60s are an easy 8-ohm load so those would be a good choice. For the big room, M80s would be a better choice, but I'd consider a larger AV receiver from perhaps Denon, with pre-outs for the option of adding a couple of outboard power amplifiers. (Denon receivers have no history of shutting down driving the 4-ohm M80 towers.)

Whichever receiver you use, always run it with the impedance setting at 8 ohms so you don't limit the receiver's output.

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#370591 - 03/22/12 11:10 AM Re: how has onkyo 609 and M80? [Re: jesbarmo2]
NikonShooter Offline

Registered: 03/22/12
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I recently purchased the Onkyo TX-NR5009 as an upgrade to use with a new Sony VPLHW30ESB 3D projector. I also wanted to swap out my front speakers (Infinity Studio Monitor 155's) for a pair of the M80 Axioms. Defintely nothing wrong with the Infinity's, but the Axiom's had a smaller profile and I wanted to be able to use as much of the available projection space I had available to me as possible (the Sony VPLHW30ESB is simply an awesome machine!)and the SM 155's cut into that. So, I was thinking about trying the M80's. I contacted Axiom, but they didn't know if I could use them in my system which was basically an 8 ohm system ... two fronts, center, two surrounds, two back surrounds, two front wides, and one sub.

Page 13 of the Onkyo manual states that if any of the connected speakers is 4 ohms or more, but less than 6 ohms, the minimum speaker impedance has to be set to 4 ohms. But on the bottom of page 14 of the manual, it states that you cannot set speaker impedance individually. So, my question basically was this: Is this a bad idea ... to use a pair of 4 ohm speakers in what is essentially an 8 ohm system? (Page 13 of the manual also mentioned that using speakers with a lower impedance might cause the built-in protection circuit to be activated if the amplifer is used at high volume levels for a long period of time ... but, were they referring to all speakers in the system having a lower impedance, or would that happen if one were to use just two lower impedance speakers as I would like to do?)

Anyway, I contacted Onkyo. I didn't get a response, so I contacted them again. This is their reply: Hope it helps.

"You can't use both 4 and 8 ohm speakers onto this unit- doing so will cause damage to the speaker channels. You can use both 4 and up to 6 ohms- no higher and not affect the receiver as much as using 4 and 8 ohm speakers."

#370593 - 03/22/12 11:12 AM Re: how has onkyo 609 and M80? [Re: jesbarmo2]
Ken.C Offline
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Don't change the setting. It will just limit power and could cause clipping and overheating.

Otherwise, if you leave it on 8 ohm and mix the speakers, it'll be just fine. Whoever emailed you from Onkyo is full of it.
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#370595 - 03/22/12 11:18 AM Re: how has onkyo 609 and M80? [Re: Ken.C]
NikonShooter Offline

Registered: 03/22/12
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Well, since it came directly from Onkyo, why wouldn't they know what they're talking about? If you don't mind ... what are your qualifications? Are you familiar with the Onkyo TX-NR5009?

#370596 - 03/22/12 11:18 AM Re: how has onkyo 609 and M80? [Re: jesbarmo2]
Wid Offline

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The Onkyo receivers only give you a choice of 4 or 6 ohms, Ken is right leave it in the 6 ohm setting and you should be good to go with the M80s.

There are others here that run the higher end Onkyo's with the M80s with no ill effects.

Onkyo HAS to give you that advice to cover their own ass IF something were to go wrong.

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