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#371561 - 03/29/12 09:04 PM Re: What movie would you? [Re: dakkon]
mpyw Offline

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My son (7) will say :"Cars!!"
My wife will say :"The English Patient"
My daughther (10) will say:"Any Korean drama."
I would say:"let's try AVS Demo for all sorts of varieties, but actually, for sound, I would go for Transformer 3, for visual and sound, Baraka."

#371562 - 03/29/12 09:15 PM Re: What movie would you? [Re: dakkon]
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oooh Baraka. I have it. Some of the scenes are incredible.
M3 and

#371571 - 03/29/12 11:31 PM Re: What movie would you? [Re: dakkon]
ghost271 Offline
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I just recently picked up War of the Worlds and its one of the best audio demo worthy pieces i own ( and i have over 300 HD titles).
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#371575 - 03/30/12 12:12 AM Re: What movie would you? [Re: dakkon]
INANE Offline

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I've been building my basement HT for almost 2 years now and I honestly haven't spent any time deciding what will be the very first movie I play. I'm torn between watching something I know will be great vs something I haven't watched (at home) yet.

I'm pretty partial to The Matrix series. War of the Worlds has some amazing LFE. Star Wars 4-6 are awesome thou 1-3 have better effects. I've been holding off watching these at home until the basement HT is completed:

Iron Man 2
Harry Potter 7 & 8 (haven't seen these at all yet)
Transformers 3

It's probably going to be a long time until I watch something like Invictus (non action) again.

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#371585 - 03/30/12 07:41 AM Re: What movie would you? [Re: ghost271]
cdot2four Offline
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Originally Posted By: ghost271
I just recently picked up War of the Worlds and its one of the best audio demo worthy pieces i own ( and i have over 300 HD titles).

Love that movie just for the sound. I wonder which sounds better the tripod coming up from the ground or the ipod that comes up in scary movie 4 smile
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#371657 - 03/30/12 10:23 PM Re: What movie would you? [Re: dakkon]
rvrrat Offline

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The Blu-Ray of U-571. I love sub movies and the sound is incredible.

#371658 - 03/30/12 10:34 PM Re: What movie would you? [Re: dakkon]
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If you have not seen the new Muppets yet....
it is a gorgeous movie with just about a perfect soundtrack.

( I loved it but I am 43 and it brought back a lot of happiness)
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#371659 - 03/30/12 10:37 PM Re: What movie would you? [Re: dakkon]
BlueJays1 Offline

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This review is spot on about the audio in Inception(Blu-ray). To top it off it is an excellent movie.

Having seen Inception in the theater I had high hopes for its soundtrack in the home environment and I wasn’t disappointed. This lossless DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio soundtrack is demonstration quality and is going to please those who like to play their systems loud. This recording has wide dynamic range and boasts superlative clarity and high level detail that is truly impressive. Dialogue is definitive and appreciably lucid through the center channel as it reaches far into the room. It’s located just slightly in front of the left/right speakers within the acoustic space it occupies within the soundstage. Front channel separation and imaging is excellent. This draws out both large and small sound elements and allows their directional correlation based upon the onscreen events to be readily definable. The mix makes effective and aggressive use of the surround channels to extend the front soundstage and reproduce the spatial and discrete sounds of this engaging soundtrack. The listening position is submerged into a 360 degree web of sound that can be riveting as it bombards the senses with a combination of well placed sound effects and music. This is a dynamically charged sound mix that frequently utilizes the subwoofer to provide viscerally potent impact. The audio’s low frequency effects are applied authoritatively to underscore the bombastic and aggressive aspects of the presentation and it does so quite effectively. Its palpable presence is never in question as it fills the room with refined bass quality that is appreciably superior and on occasion skin tingling. This is a sophisticated sound design that is loaded with various sound effects, spatial cues, music, and dialogue. Each is clearly represented with enriching clarity, detail and appropriate sound field placement. I couldn’t see it sounding any better.

This is a reference quality audio/video presentation that truly enhances the enjoyment of this film. Those who like playing their systems at reference levels will want to exercise caution as there are transient peaks and extended dynamic range in this recording capable of testing the limits of lesser systems. Kudos to Warner Home Video on this one.
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#371665 - 03/30/12 11:52 PM Re: What movie would you? [Re: BlueJays1]
dakkon Offline

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Originally Posted By: BlueJays1
Those who like playing their systems at reference levels

I don't know about you guys... But i can only get to about 1/2 to reference level before the peaks become WAY to loud for me.... With a decent amount of LFE, my EP600 has the cabinets going nuts....

I can not even fathom listening to Anything at reference level, on my system reference level is 31.... My normal listening level is 12.. movies, maybe 17, but at that level it gets Crazy loud quick.. I have the max set to 20....

#371667 - 03/31/12 12:05 AM Re: What movie would you? [Re: dakkon]
whippersnapper Offline
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One of the first things I watched on my new Axiom HT was "Hanna". Tremendous visuals and great sound effects.

Then I pulled out my DVD of Peter Gabriel's "Secret World" concert. It literally took my breath away.

In fact, most of my first round of viewing has been musical. "Hair" was a standout. The opening scene after the bus pulls away and the drum fill pans across the room as "Aquarius" launches. Man, it sounded fine!
Music is the best -- FZ

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