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#373396 - 04/14/12 07:30 PM Bi wiring really???
sovkiller Offline

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I know that probably this topic has been debated in other places, but I read recently an article by Axiom, talking on the subject, and knowing how objective Axiom is, regarding BS in electronics, I want to hear from Axiom, the honest opinion on this subject, as bi wiring to me is an scam, and I own a pair of M80-V2 that could be used in bi wiring configuration, by the way, but I have some basic college electrical/electronic knowledge as well.
I'm copying and pasting an article that I read some time ago that could not resume better my exact opinion, as I do not think that I could articulate it better honestly, in other words to me a bi wiring is nothing else that a longer jumper:

The Bi wiring Lie
"Even fairly sophisticated audiophiles fall for this hocus-pocus. What’s more, loudspeaker manufacturers participate in the sham when they tell you that those two pairs of terminals on the back of the speaker are for bi-wiring as well as bi-amping. Some of the most highly respected names in loudspeakers are guilty of this hypocritical genuflection to the tweako sacraments—they are in effect surrendering to the “realities” of the market.
The truth is that bi-amping makes sense in certain cases, even with a passive crossover, but bi-wiring is pure voodoo.
If you move one pair of speaker wires to the same terminals where the other pair is connected, absolutely nothing changes electrically. The law of physics that says so is called the superposition principle.
In terms of electronics, the superposition theorem states that any number of voltages applied simultaneously to a linear network will result in a current which is the exact sum of the currents that would result if the voltages were applied individually.
The audio salesman or ’phile who can prove the contrary will be an instant candidate for some truly major scientific prizes and academic honors. At the same time it is only fair to point out that bi-wiring does no harm. It just doesn’t do anything. Like magnets in your shoes.”

To be 100% honest I have never tried them, as I do seriously believe it is an scam, but if you believe that you can convince me of the contrary, please instead of arguing, or posting "anecdiotic" experiences, that will prove absolutely nothing, just send me a pair of cables to try them out, and I will be more than glad to report my findings, and promise that I will return them after of course...

Let the war begin!!!!

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#373397 - 04/14/12 07:35 PM Re: Biwiring really??? [Re: sovkiller]
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Ha! Saw the title and read Bigwyring... grin

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#373400 - 04/14/12 07:53 PM Re: Biwiring really??? [Re: sovkiller]
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From a EE point of view, it is a pure sham, the same voltage is applied to both sets of wires... if you look at the "bi wiring" speaker cables... the 2 pairs of wires are usually connected to one terminal post at the amp side of the cables... then magically they are suppose to "improve" the sound at the other end???

I have a pair of monster cables that are "biwire" cables... They retiled for about 300$ or so... I got them off of ebay for much less.... they sound no different to me than any other cables i have used... Today i am using 10gauge speaker cable from I chose 10gauge to get the lowest resistance that i could with in reason... for my 10ft cables, the resistance is essentially 0.0ohms..

I have buddies that work at nuclear power plants around the country.. The detectors that monitor reactor power use regular copper wires to connect the sensor to the gauges/displays, if there were any "special" wires, that industry would use them.. Since in that industry a volt or two actually matter, unlike speakers.. Which is basically a coil of wire....

#373443 - 04/15/12 01:40 PM Re: Bi wiring really??? [Re: sovkiller]
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Hi, i found this articlr from Alan, you might findt this usefull wink

Cheers, Klaus
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