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#373527 - 04/17/12 02:09 AM VP150 - dialogue sometimes sounds harsh
Rui Offline

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i have a vp150 as my centre channel speaker. it's served me well, but recently i altered my set up with a new tv stand and receiver and every now and then i notice that dialogue will sound harsh or shrill on certain notes. it's hard to explain exactly what it is, almost like it's too bright, or there is some sort of vibration.

about my current set up - yamaha rx-a800 (although i've also tried a yamaha rx-v667 and pioneer vsx1021k with similar results) with m60s and qs8s.

i have the bass crossover set at 80hz, and have tried adjusting the level downwards for the centre speaker - and that helps if i lower it enough, but then i miss some of the dialogue.

it's an original vp150. what are the differences between the v.2 and v.3? i should note that the little stick on rubber feet are long gone. i thought perhaps it was vibration causing the harshness so i stuck a couple of dvd cases with foam around them to raise the speaker, but that didn't really help. are those little rubber feet so important?

any ideas?

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#373529 - 04/17/12 07:48 AM Re: VP150 - dialogue sometimes sounds harsh [Re: Rui]
CatBrat Offline

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Have you ran Yamaha's YPAO sound correction program in the receiver?

#373531 - 04/17/12 08:52 AM Re: VP150 - dialogue sometimes sounds harsh [Re: Rui]
Rui Offline

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#373532 - 04/17/12 08:54 AM Re: VP150 - dialogue sometimes sounds harsh [Re: Rui]
Ken.C Offline
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Have you tried it without YPAO?

We don't really have a lot of details on the v.2/v.3 differences, but of course the v.3s are said to be smoother with better dispersion, etc.

I don't think the rubber feet are crucial.

Is the VP150 right up to the edge of whatever it's sitting on, or is it back on a shelf? That could be changing the characteristics of the sound.

Or maybe you just need a VP180. wink
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#373537 - 04/17/12 02:09 PM Re: VP150 - dialogue sometimes sounds harsh [Re: Rui]
Rui Offline

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yes, i've tried it without the YPAO as well.

i've tried the vp150 in the middle of the stand, closer forward and farther back. still happens.

it's not like it's a constant problem, but when it does it's really bothersome. i don't recall hearing it before i changed my set up, so i think it has to be the crossover setting, or some reverberation from the stand.

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#373540 - 04/17/12 03:01 PM Re: VP150 - dialogue sometimes sounds harsh [Re: Rui]
Brent Offline


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the small rubber bumpers can be purchased at any building supply and will help to de-couple the speaker from the shelf. Always have the speaker slightly forward of the shelf edge so not to obstruct the dispersion. Ideally your channel level should be set to 0db/+1 db, you may need to lower the output of the other speakers to achieve the best results. Also, try a different crossover for your center, try 90Hz or 100Hz, listen if this makes a difference.
Brent Tombari
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#373570 - 04/17/12 11:03 PM Re: VP150 - dialogue sometimes sounds harsh [Re: Rui]
SirQuack Offline
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I'm thinking changing the crossover probably won't really help with the higher frequencies and harshness you describe, as that would not be around the lower frequency ranges.

Possibly check your speaker wires to make sure you have + to + and - to -. As the others have stated, you want it up close to or beyond the shelf lip so you don't get any unwanted reflections. What surround mode are you listening in, I assume one of the dolby or dts modes, and not one of the special modes. Now that it is on a shelf, do you have it angled upward by flipping the speaker over? Have you tried listening close to see if possibly one of the drivers is bad...

just a few thoughts.
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#373574 - 04/17/12 11:43 PM Re: VP150 - dialogue sometimes sounds harsh [Re: Rui]
INANE Offline

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Originally Posted By: Rui
...but recently i altered my set up with a new tv stand...

Seems to me this is the most likely culprit. I know the sound of my VP150 changes a lot when I move it around in my TV stand. Just try moving it around best you can.
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#373595 - 04/18/12 10:37 AM Re: VP150 - dialogue sometimes sounds harsh [Re: Rui]
mpyw Offline

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Have you try turn the VP150 the other way round i.e. angle up or down?

I did it and it does bring better result but to me the VP150 still the weakest link in my Axiom considering the VP180 as the VP160 is too tall and will cover a little of my screen.

#373628 - 04/18/12 09:00 PM Re: VP150 - dialogue sometimes sounds harsh [Re: Rui]
Rui Offline

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if anyone with a vp150 has the fellowship of the ring extended edition bluray, please pop it in and have a listen at around the 2:00 min mark. there is some dialogue ..."and into this ring..." that hits the notes that give off the buzz. play it loud and see if you hear it.

i don't think it's vibrations from the stand as i placed a pillow below the speaker and i still hear the noise (i'll call it a buzz, but i'm not sure that does it justice... but i do think it's some sort of vibration) I also flipped the speaker (which is actually how i had it before) and while there might have been a minimal improvement (probably because it was now pointed slightly up instead of directly at me) the noise was still there.

the more i look into this i think it's a matter of internal resonance in the speaker. could this have developed over time? perhaps the cabinet loosening up? (although the speaker has rarely been moved). perhaps if i removed a driver and stuffed some extra insulation in the interior? would the fact that there is no port on the vp150 lead to some internal resonance?

i'd love to upgrade to a vp160, but that simply won't be happening in the near future frown (just upgraded my receiver and have to replace my sub first)

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