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#3754 - 06/19/02 05:56 PM Re: Speaker burn in?
freesey Offline

Registered: 06/19/02
Posts: 248
Loc: London, Ontario
Thanks; that seems to be the general mood of the replies im getting
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#3755 - 06/19/02 05:59 PM Re: Speaker burn in?
freesey Offline

Registered: 06/19/02
Posts: 248
Loc: London, Ontario
Thanks, that sounds pretty sensible
1xAxiom ax 1.2 2xPolk Audio R30 2xMordaunt-Short 3.0 H/K AVR 225 Paradigm PDR-10 Sub HTR MX-500

#3756 - 06/19/02 06:45 PM Re: Speaker burn in?
polara Offline
old hand

Registered: 05/19/02
Posts: 64
if we can talk about burning speakers and houses what about bongs
the object is to burn inside the house not the house itself

there is more merit to speaker burn in than there is to speaker wire types
speakers have moving parts these must stretch -grab a new rubber band and pull on it for 10 minutes (lol like bevis and butthead )
after a while it gets easier
every part that stretches eventualy breaks (fatiuge)
its purpose is to move as freely as possible for as long as possible
thats why new speakers have to wear in
when the parts are fresh it takes more to move them and they dont react as fast on the return
watch a speaker -its more than the ring moving-
also some parts wear in sooner than others -it takes awhile for every thing to balance out and party together
thats probably why axioms sound good -all the parts hang out and have fun making noise together

#3757 - 06/22/02 08:23 AM Re: Speaker burn in?
jazzdrummer Offline

Registered: 06/13/02
Posts: 30
Loc: Baltimore, Maryland, US
I tend to be with the camp that says a "burn-in" or "break-in" period does make a difference. I just had a pair of M3's in the house that had been getting broken in for a month. Initially, I found the speakers to be very bright - to the point where my ears were fatigued very quickly. At the end of the month I did not have such issues as the tweeters seemed to smooth out a little. I would have though that it would have been my ears adjusting, but then I took delivery of a new pair of M60's. Ouch, my ears were hurting again within minutes. I swapped the "broken-in" tweeters from the M3's and placed them in the M60's and I had immediate relief.
I think the woofer(s) loosens up for the most part within a few hours of listening, but (to my ears at least) the tweeters take a bit longer and may even continue to get better over time. I don't think most have ears as sensitive to high freq as mine (damaged them pretty good playing live rock unprotected for 6-7 years) and it seems many aren't bothered at all by the sound out of the box.
I left my radio on to the local jazz/npr station (or occasionally throw a fugazi cd in on repeat) for a few days at moderately low levels when I was at work (didn't want to disturb the wife and little one) and louder when I was in the house.
If they sound good to you out of the box, I wouldn't worry about breaking them in too much. If you do notice some listening fatigue early on, I would try and run them for a bit when you aren't in the room as well.
BTW - the M60's really sound nice. Almost effortless in their production of sound and seems to be plenty of space for all the instruments to come across clean and clear.
Just my 2 cents...

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