I usually don't forward these sorts of things but I'm making an exception in this case as it is both for a friend and I also think that the story deserves recognition.

A friend of mine is nearing completion on a book. 9 Lives +1. It is about his personal experiences cheating death on an unthinkable number of times and the effects that this has had on both himself and his family.

On no less than three separate occasions over the years, his family has been told in numerous fashions, (sometimes polite, some cruel,) that "there is no hope." Just to top the list, he has endured multiple bouts of cancer, two open heart surgeries, two bone marrow transplants, multiple comas, and has overcome an addiction.

From what I have read so far, this book will inspire but he doesn't pull any punches to do it. It wont be for the feint of heart but it might do your heart some good.

No mention of a release date yet but I thought I would share his web page linked above.

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