Any java programers here? I usually don't work in java, but the company wants to drift that way. Been drifting now for about 10 years and very little progress has been made. Anyway, I'm trying to pass a string array from a servlet to a JSP, by instantiating a class in JSP, then calling a routine in it that returns a string array of stuff I want to print in JSP. The JSP keeps bombing off with an HTTP Status 500 whenever I try to print something out of this array. I've reduced it to just the basics without a lot of extra code.

org.apache.jasper.JasperException: An exception occurred processing JSP page /sample.jsp at line 18

15: samplePKG.sample report = new samplePKG.sample(strHtmlCompany, strHtmlCountry, strHtmlContest);
16: String[] strArr = (String[]) report.sqlResult();
18: out.print(strArr[0]);
21: %>