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#384002 - 10/11/12 12:31 PM Two subs and M22's
DanielBMe Offline

Registered: 02/08/07
Posts: 422
Loc: Toronto - ON
I'm thinking of changing some items around in my home and I thought I'd ask for your thoughts.

If I have a pair of M80's and for the moment say an ep500 would I lose or gain anything by going to two ep500's and a pair of M22's?

I'm currently trying to decide on a new sub to replace my existing one but then thought about getting two. However if I get two ep500's then I definitely don't have room for my 80's.

My room is roughly 16 x 20 which is a living/dining room. The couch separates my room in two, so my living room is about 16 x 10. 70% HT vs 30% music.

Your advice is greatly appreciated.

#384003 - 10/11/12 12:37 PM Re: Two subs and M22's [Re: DanielBMe]
Murph Offline

Registered: 10/05/06
Posts: 6955
Loc: PEI, Canada
My vote would be for the M22s and dual EP500s.

That is not a huge space so the M22s should (if all specs and stories are to be believed, since I don't personally own any) sound equally awesome to the M80s but with the added might of dual subwoofers. An easy choice for me.
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#384015 - 10/11/12 01:24 PM Re: Two subs and M22's [Re: DanielBMe]
exlabdriver Offline

Registered: 09/07/11
Posts: 1767
My HT utilizes two M22s that use two mid-grade Velodyne 10" subs as stands. This combo sounds marvelous to me for movies and audio as well.

I would think that a couple of EP500s (being much higher end gear) with M22s, would be a killer combo.

I've always been a proponent of satellites and sub combos; however, since I've experienced my new M2s combined with my outstanding EP400 sub in my audio only system, I highly recommend going this route.


#384016 - 10/11/12 01:26 PM Re: Two subs and M22's [Re: DanielBMe]
cb919 Offline

Registered: 02/17/09
Posts: 1169
Loc: Ottawa, Canada
How's the bass response in your room now? Do you think you'd significantly benefit from 2 subs?

I have never heard M80's, but if I had the space I would use them instead of my in/on wall M22's. What about keep the M80's and add an EP800? That would be a great combo for 70% HT watching.

What is your current setup?
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#384017 - 10/11/12 01:32 PM Re: Two subs and M22's [Re: DanielBMe]
DanielBMe Offline

Registered: 02/08/07
Posts: 422
Loc: Toronto - ON
My current setup is in my signature. With the ep600 or 800 I just see them as huge! They would really stick out in my living room.

The bass is ok in my place. I could do better hence why I was looking at replacing my current sub. I'm just not sure if I would lose anything such as imaging, mid bass slam...I don't really.

I have to say two ep500's and M22's in Rosewood would sure look pretty nice... smile

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#384025 - 10/11/12 02:50 PM Re: Two subs and M22's [Re: DanielBMe]
axiom_man Offline

Registered: 05/09/06
Posts: 340
Loc: Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Cana...
I bought the M22's a couple weeks ago. I like a bookshelf type speaker for HT and subs.
I didn't think the M22 would cut it as my movie room is going to be 13.5 x 18.5.

Well I was very surprised and so wasn't a friend. I took those speakers to my place of work, we have a boardroom 16 x 25 x 10 and not only did it fill the room but he went to the bottom floor ( two floor building ) and he can hear them plan as day.
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#384036 - 10/11/12 06:53 PM Re: Two subs and M22's [Re: DanielBMe]
dakkon Offline

Registered: 02/08/04
Posts: 1863
JohnK has M22's and Dual 500's... Maybe he will post a photo of his room... He really likes his setup a lot. I think that dual M22's and a pair of 500's would be better and nearly indistinguishable between a pair of 80's and a single sub, in some respects....

I will attest that Dual subs is WAY better than a single sub... So, i say go for the M22/Dual EP 500 setup.

#384038 - 10/11/12 10:07 PM Re: Two subs and M22's [Re: DanielBMe]
JohnK Offline
shareholder in the making

Registered: 05/11/02
Posts: 10644
Daniel, M22s supported in the low bass by a good sub or subs cover the entire audible range in a superb fashion. One area where the M80s could play louder would be the upper bass(say about 80-200Hz)where they have two 6 1/2" drivers compared to two 5 1/4". However, the M22s can certainly cover this range with enough volume for nearly all home use.

If you use two subs the maximum benefit in smoothing overall bass response is had when the subs are separated(your comment about not enough "room" implies that you may be thinking of placing the speakers and subs all close together)in certain locations. Typically this would be at the midpoints of the opposite sidewalls or front and back wall or in diagonally opposite corners. If you can place the subs efficiently, M22s plus two EP500s would serve you very well.

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#384043 - 10/12/12 09:10 AM Re: Two subs and M22's [Re: DanielBMe]
SirQuack Offline
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dak, John doesn't own a camera. smile
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#384044 - 10/12/12 09:11 AM Re: Two subs and M22's [Re: DanielBMe]
Ken.C Offline
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Registered: 05/03/03
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Loc: NoVA
And I believe he has only one EP500.
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