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#388976 - 01/30/13 12:26 AM The HT Bug has Bit me. Help!?
Newb01 Offline

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Hi All:

Been reading through 1000 plus forum posts all over the place including AVS forums etc.

I am leaning towards ID company. I actually thought I had my speakers all picked out which were Klipsch RF series..then I went to hear them..and I didnt really love them. The highs were really high and it got to me some..also the mids seemed a little muffled...

Next I heard PSB... Nice for music...bleh for HT (IMO of Course).

Now I am looking at Axiom and they sort of look like a Polk. I was reading and they seem to have some of the same characteristics of the Klipsch which makes them great for HT ...but may sound the same as the Klipsch (too high and fatiguing to me).

So a few things that worry me I hope someone can help with:

1) Has anyone auditioned both the Klipsch RF-82 or 62 and these and what was your opinion.

2) Does the Polk Audio RTI-12 for example...sound like a reasonable comparison?

3) These are 4 ohm right? What do you need to power these bad boys? I was looking at the M80 x 2 and the VP180 with the bigger surrounds in back... I probably want to get the Onkyo 818...


4) Finally I live in Montgomery County PA... Anyone mind letting me audition your setup?

I know the return policy but besides the plain head ache of sending back speakers (and the guilt I feel) I still am out several hundred dollars in shipping costs.

I been looking at the Aperion Grands and the Tekton Pendragons...

I am looking at 95 percent HT and 5 percent music use. Thanks tons and tons!

#388981 - 01/30/13 01:49 AM Re: The HT Bug has Bit me. Help!? [Re: Newb01]
JohnK Offline
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Newb, welcome. As to a comparison with the Klipsch and Polk speakers you mention, I don't have anywhere near the listening experience(same time, same place, other factors the same, etc.)which would allow me to give a fair comparison. I've of course heard Klipsch speakers in the past, and I agree that the treble struck me as excessively prominent. I have no such problem with the Axiom M22s. I've been listening to them for almost 11 years now and I'm still not fatigued a bit(I do shut them off occasionally).

The M80s have a 4 ohm rating which is approached over a bit less than half of their frequency range. An average figure over the full range would be more on the order of 6 ohms. Any quality receivers which we'd seriously consider can drive the M80s(which are slightly above average in sensitivity)to all safe(to your hearing)listening levels. The Onkyo 818 in particular would be an excellent choice, and the factory refurbished unit, which should be, if anything, even less likely to have a problem than a brand new one, is available from Accessories4less for about $780.

As to an audition, look at the list at the beginning of the audition thread in "Hearing Things". There are listings in the Philadelphia area, which may or may not still be up-to-date. The usual procedure is to send a PM to try to make contact, but a member who doesn't check in often may unfortunately not see it. You might try to contact Axiom directly for possible assistance in making contact.

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.

#388985 - 01/30/13 07:43 AM Re: The HT Bug has Bit me. Help!? [Re: Newb01]
Murph Offline

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I'll agree with JohnK. I haven't necessarily compared those exact models all in the same environment. I have listened to some Polks & some Klipsch in the same listening room at the local big box store. I too find something just not right about the higher frequencies with the Klipsch in general. I blame the horn tweeters but who knows. In fact, in the two homes where I regularly listen to them for longer periods, I find that the Klipsch are 'tiring.' Not sure how to explain it but I just wanted the owner to turn them off after a while as they were bothering me even at reasonable listening levels. It seems to be the bumped up treble that I'm sensitive to.

I personally would never consider a Klipsch speaker unless they radically redesigned thier design philosophy on the high frequency area. Just personal opinion of course.

I have never heard Polk & Axiom together but I can't say there was anything I disliked about the Polks I have heard. I can't even recall the models I've heard so I don't think I can give an opinion here except that if they match your budget range, they are worth auditioning.

After a lot of listening to what I could find locally among shops and friends, I'm extremely happy with my choice of Axiom M60s and would recommend them to anyone. I've done same room comparisons with these and Paradigm Studios and I would recommend Paradigm as well. Considering they sounded so similar that our untrained ears had trouble telling them apart, I prefer the Axioms as the best bang for your buck. Paradigms have more of a fashion statement element to them that is important to some, if you have the extra $.

Speaker advice is endless and endlessly varied so don't take what you read to seriously. I try to be objective but it's still personal preference.

In the end, all that matters is that you are happy!
With great power comes Awesome irresponsibility.

#388986 - 01/30/13 07:58 AM Re: The HT Bug has Bit me. Help!? [Re: Newb01]
CatBrat Offline

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I go through a love/hate relationship with about everything I have. Which means I have to tinker with the sound coming out of my Axioms until I've finally decided that I love the sound coming out of them. smile

I've never compared the Axioms to any other speaker. This would be what I'd consider my 2nd set of decent speakers. My first being the (don't laugh) Bose 901s back in the 70's.

This is also my second set of Axioms. My first was just a mish-mash of different stuff until I made up my mind on how I wanted to do it. I have a rather small area to place speakers, so I ended up with 3 M22's across the top of a 65 inch TV, and under the TV M22 - VP160 - M22, with 3 QS8 surrounds and an EP350. Sounds good once I get it adjusted right. This set-up sounds better for movies than it does for music, although music still sounds decent. The hardest thing to get to sound good is Adele's high pitched voice. I've never heard her on a different setup so it would be interesting to experience that.

#388992 - 01/30/13 09:59 AM Re: The HT Bug has Bit me. Help!? [Re: Newb01]
Boltron Offline

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I had Polks prior to my now almost exclusive Axiom setup. I still do have my Polk DSW500 10" sub (in addition to the Axiom EP500). I liked my Polks, they make good stuff. Axiom however is a step (or two) up in terms of performance though IMO.

I have heard a few Klipsch's over the years, they are interesting and good tech however I didn't quite like the sound they produced.

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#389014 - 01/30/13 07:37 PM Re: The HT Bug has Bit me. Help!? [Re: Newb01]
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The Axiom value is really hard to top. Although there are some sweet deals to be had on Energy speakers right now, specifically the RC-70 is going for $799/pair at Future Shop...

With the line being cleared out, it might be tough to source the matching RC-R surrounds to complete the set.

#389016 - 01/30/13 07:43 PM Re: The HT Bug has Bit me. Help!? [Re: Newb01]
nickbuol Offline

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Um, if you are wanting us to "help" you, the only help you will get will be us poking and prodding you further into this disease that we all love. smile
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#389066 - 01/31/13 08:45 PM Re: The HT Bug has Bit me. Help!? [Re: Newb01]
terzaghi Offline

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I have been an extremely satisfied owner of the m80s since 2007. I was originally planning on m60s, but auditioned the m80's at another forum members house and knew I had to have them. I have had a vp180 for about a year as well and can't brag enough about how great of a center channel. I also have an ep500 and qs8s and am extremely satisfied.

You won't regret it If you decide on axiom.

#389097 - 02/01/13 05:45 PM Re: The HT Bug has Bit me. Help!? [Re: Newb01]
tomtuttle Offline

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The Onkyo will power those speakers to unsafe levels by itself.

I've owned (older) Polk and Klipsch speakers, among others. I have M60ti's now. I think they are the most neutral, detailed, immersive, realistic speakers I've ever owned.
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