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#390951 - 03/13/13 09:11 PM Re: M3v3 vs B&W [Re: johand]
dakkon Offline

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I have a pair of B&W CM1's.. They don't sound any better than the axioms. To me they are indistinguishable. I will say the fit and finish on the B&W's is much better. However, Axioms are an infinitely better value.

#390956 - 03/13/13 10:23 PM Re: M3v3 vs B&W [Re: MarkSJohnson]
fredk Offline

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Originally Posted By: MarkSJohnson
Johand, if Fred agrees with me on something, you can take that as an incredible sign that purchasing the speakers is the right thing to do! wink

I was going to agree with you again, but I don't know if I'm allowed to do that.

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#390959 - 03/14/13 02:30 AM Re: M3v3 vs B&W [Re: tomtuttle]
johand Offline

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Originally Posted By: tomtuttle

Your math is very confusing. crazy

you're right
M3v3 - 460€ / B&W685 - 600€ / B&W805 - 2000€?
I know i like the 685 on my amp, but if the M3's are even comparable with the 805's there are for sure with the 685'6.
i am definitly not an expert, but the fact that the M3's are half the depth en weigth of the B&W805 speaker does not question the quality?

I am not trying to find a point not buying them, i just want some info (maybe mis-typed, but hey english is not my mother language) I reside in Belgium.
I will play them on an old Technics SU-A700 stereo-amp.
I really do appriciate your comments and helping making my descicion.


#390961 - 03/14/13 02:56 AM Re: M3v3 vs B&W [Re: johand]
exlabdriver Offline

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I have 3 sets of Axioms in use in my house.

One set is M3V3s on Axiom stands in one of my audio only systems. They sound just fine & really don't need a sub for most music as their bass extension is very good for a bookshelf speaker.

Excellent performers for the price...


#390963 - 03/14/13 04:51 AM Re: M3v3 vs B&W [Re: johand]
johand Offline

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and then i came across this topic
i realise not to take everything for granted, but this makes mydescicion ever harder.

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#390964 - 03/14/13 08:50 AM Re: M3v3 vs B&W [Re: johand]
Ken.C Offline
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There are certain people on AVS who have a rather rabid dislike of Axioms. To be very honest, I suspect that many of them come by it not as a reaction to Axiom's product, but to some bad experiences they had on these fora.

There are also companies who do not like Axiom's business model, and there is some disinformation there as well.

Really, the best answer is to try them yourself, or to listen to some that another owner nearby has. Check with Axiom about whether there are any owners willing to do an audition near you.
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#390969 - 03/14/13 09:12 AM Re: M3v3 vs B&W [Re: Ken.C]
johand Offline

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Originally Posted By: Ken.C
Check with Axiom about whether there are any owners willing to do an audition near you.
great idea, i have mailed them

#390973 - 03/14/13 11:33 AM Re: M3v3 vs B&W [Re: johand]
tomtuttle Offline

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Johan, I urge you to read (and take to heart) Ken's message above. It will be impossible and unpleasant for members of this forum to try and refute every stupid thing said on the internet about Axiom speakers. Some consumers - amateurs at both speaker design and business - intensely dislike the company because Axiom doesn't do things the way they think they should be done.

All we can do is provide facts and our experiences.

Your Technics amp will have no trouble with the M3's; they are very efficient.
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#390974 - 03/14/13 11:52 AM Re: M3v3 vs B&W [Re: johand]
casey01 Offline

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Originally Posted By: johand
and then i came across this topic
i realise not to take everything for granted, but this makes mydescicion ever harder.

The fact is Axiom has been in business for well over thirty years(a lot longer than AVS has even existed)so you have nothing to be concerned about.

Not to dig up an old dead and buried topic, but, after a long period of advertising on the AVS website, when Axiom's principals had a disagreement with AVS over policy and pulled their ads, this smear campaign "coincidentally" started on their website purposely initiated by one of the heads of AVS just fuelling the "disinformation fire" you have been referring to. The fact is, up until that time AVS was a big supporter of Axiom, visiting their plant on several occasions heavily promoting their products and their R&D along with writing a number of detailed columns raving about Axiom on their website. When they got caught getting directly involved in the "sudden" intense turnaround in attitude intentionally(and childishly)using an anonymous name in their forums(and here as well)they apparently apologised. Their criticisms are based solely on bitterness, nothing else.

To members of this forum anyway, I would suspect that from that point on, the credibility of AVS is, at best, "questionable".

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#390977 - 03/14/13 12:37 PM Re: M3v3 vs B&W [Re: johand]
Amie Offline


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Just a little correction here - the incidents Casey is mentioning were with Audioholics, not AVS Forum. Same crowd bashes us on both forums, mind you - it's a small but determined-to-bash group.
Amie Colquhoun
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