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What I don't understand is why, do you buy M80's and a VP180 and set it to small with an 80 hz cross over, because the sub will do a better job ???? That, just seems like a waste of money. Why not spend 1000$ less and buy the M22's given that your not even using the lower freq. crossover in the M80's. they have the same drivers less the woofers. anything below 80hz in the small setting is going to the sub anyways. Just seems like a waste of speaker.

I once had the alternative set-up you described(M22,s as mains along with subs). I later replaced the M22s with M60s , ultimately replacing those with a special custom set of M80s for my L/R HT application. The problem that I noticed was, even though the cutoff was at 80hz for the M22s, it is a gradual roll-off of frequencies at and below that level and invariably I noticed that at higher volumes, the M22s were straining to handle these lower rolled off low-mid frequencies whereas the M60s and M80s handled these without any issues at all.

With the lossless soundtracks on Blu-ray discs, nowadays, I would always recommend full-range speakers for both center and front application, regardless of the crossover setting.