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#401701 - 03/07/14 09:37 AM Re: M80HP [Re: brwsaw]
medic8r Offline

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Hey, scroll down for the other review, from Mr. McGreg. I thought it was a nice touch, in reference to the character from the fourth season episode, "Homer's Triple Bypass", wiki linky
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#401715 - 03/07/14 05:16 PM Re: M80HP [Re: medic8r]
BobKay Offline

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Originally Posted By: medic8r
Hi, Everybody!

Bob, I am happy to change my spots again. I have fixed the sig line for the low price of $129.95!

Check out my reviews on!

You mean to the ad for "Addiction Doctors?"

My sig says want, not need!

You bastard!
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#401756 - 03/08/14 01:02 PM Re: M80HP [Re: brwsaw]
brwsaw Offline

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Last night I finished tweaking the room. Too bad I can't listen to the changes until Monday night, Its going to be a long wait.
I stacked two of 4 subs in the left rear corner (that have some output but otherwise should be sold), I got the new (DIY) corner bass traps installed in the front corners(thicker, wider and taller), new tweeters installed, doubled up the shelf below each unit, took out 7 inches of rise from below each HP, placed Roxul below the shelves they are sitting on (tight fit) and went back to 8' on center (2' from the side wall to the center of the tweeter). Still 4' exactly from the front baffle to the rear wall.
I still haven't watched a Daddy movie in this new room, I'm trying to get 2 channel sounding the way it did (or better) first.
Crazy how work keeps us from the things we'd rather be doing...

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#406668 - 08/18/14 09:32 PM Re: M80HP [Re: brwsaw]
EricH Offline

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So after the M80 big hole unboxing drama, I hooked up my new M80 v4 High Powers, and they're sounding mighty fine.

image url upload

But stepping back a ways, I've owned the M80v3s since Nov 2011, and have been kicking myself recently b/c I didn't feed them properly.

The M80 v3 were my first "real speaker" after owning countless other CE store boomy towers from Polk, Cerwin Vega, JBL, etc. I originally bought the M60, wanted more umph, so returned them for the M80s.

I paired these speakers with what I thought was pretty good equipment at the time, a Marantz 8003 processor and Emotiva's 300wpc amp.

To supplement the bottom end, I have dual 18" Chase Home Theater subs powered by a 1,000 watt Dayton audio amp. My current display is a 50" Pioneer Kuro plasma. It all makes for a pretty satisfying home theater experience.

What I never really had, though, was 2-channel satisfaction. The M80s driven by the Marantz and Emotiva were beyond loud, but were shouty, dry, not musical at all. You can see in the picture the equipment I've since added to the room - a Chord Hugo DAC and two nearly 40 year old McIntosh's - MC2505 amp and C35preamp.

Same tires, different engine, Holy Smokes. I cannot stress the difference these components have made in finally giving me "the sound" I've been looking for.

And so, the "kicking" part.. all these years I've been looking at the Axioms with a sigh, yet another loud box. Where was that musicality I read about in reviews?

After I heard how the v3's sounded with my new gear, of course I had to upgrade and hear the v4's new tweeter, new crossover, and bookoo HP drivers. To my ears, the v4 is more neutral, flatter than v3, at least as they sound now, brand new out of the box. This isn't a criticism, I think it sounds good.

The new bass... the new bass.. it's thunderous. And it's lower and cleaner than the v3s. It hits lower with greater ease. This upgrade was worthwhile.

But to end, to circle back, I'm enjoying my Axiom speakers with music just a ton more now. Obviously it required a considerable investment in upstream gear, but the bottom line is that the speakers "scaled up" alongside my electronics quality.

Damn good product, very happy.

#406670 - 08/18/14 09:55 PM Re: M80HP [Re: brwsaw]
bridgman Offline

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Looks great. Sounds like the system is really coming together.

Until I saw that pic I had forgotten how deep M80s are.
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#408638 - 12/07/14 06:43 PM Re: M80HP [Re: brwsaw]
kah68 Offline
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Very happy with my M 80 H.P.'s .... running an Onkyo 838 and so far (to my noob ears) they impress me with their versatility, clean clear sound and good base. I've always wanted a good sounding HiFi, I was sick of listening to boom boxes in my home.
M80 H.P. / Bryston B135 cubed / Streaming

#408650 - 12/07/14 11:11 PM Re: M80HP [Re: brwsaw]
brwsaw Offline

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#413526 - 07/16/15 08:24 PM Re: M80HP [Re: brwsaw]
James_N Offline

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I have had my M80v4 HP's for over six months now and I am very pleased with them and the low end performance. I find the bass to be tight and accurate and they go lower and produce low frequencies much better than my old speakers. And I find them to be very neutral and easy to listen to at all volume levels. I won't have purchased them if they didn't offer the HP drivers.

I believe they did need a break-in period, which had much to do with me getting used to listen to them after listing to the same Infinity's they replaced for over 20 years.

My new 120 watt Pioneer A/V receiver drives them nicely and they can reach a volume where ear tells my brain that the music is too loud.

#413529 - 07/16/15 10:57 PM Re: M80HP [Re: brwsaw]
brwsaw Offline

Registered: 10/12/12
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Loc: Canada
Its been a while but I finally took the time last night.
Couldnt play CD's because we moved the BD upstairs and the PS4 won't so I plugged in an old IPhone and sat back.
About 4 songs in I found peace.
Long live the M80HP.

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