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#399480 - 12/24/13 10:04 AM Re: Which Axiom for me? [Re: Boomzilla]
JBG Offline

Registered: 06/14/02
Posts: 484
Originally Posted By: Boomzilla
Hi JBG -

When you say "the extra bottom end on the M100's," you're referring to extra volume and not deeper bass extension? The specs on the M80s and M100s are virtually identical for LF roll-off. If that's the case, then since I don't listen at loud volumes, the extra volume capability of the M100 won't make a bit of difference to me. Is this correct?

quoted from an other thead

Originally Posted By: Lampshade

All of Canada should be proud.

Visual: They are big, in a majestic way.

Sound: My first impression was "wide open middle". Think Nebraska. You could drive a truck across the sound stage. The separation between instruments and individual voices is the very best I have ever heard. Presence presence presence. Every sound is exactly where they should be. You never associate the music with actually emanating from the speaker. For all your ears know, the speakers are just wooden boxes in the room and even as big as they are, you are going to forget about them.

The bass is boss. Deep and clean.

Percussion instruments are a joy. They arrive with precision and leave gracefully. Brass instruments and saxophones were eloquent and ultra realistic. These speakers are amazing. I am a little angry with myself that I didn't take part in the upgrade offer. How much better than the 80's could they be? For the way that I enjoy music and movies? Ten times better. I am that smitten with them.

I agree, the M100 have what would make the M80's perfect ...extra bass or more lower end. the bass is not overwhelming they just add that extra low end.

#399482 - 12/24/13 10:25 AM Re: Which Axiom for me? [Re: Boomzilla]
Boomzilla Offline

Registered: 09/25/13
Posts: 122
Loc: Louisiana
My other concern is that within the next two years, I'm going to downsize my house. When that happens, the new (smaller) house is unlikely to have as expansive a listening room. That means that I'll be listening from almost "near field" conditions (probably 10 feet or less from the speakers). That being the case, I have concern that the M100s, being even larger than the M80s will cause me to hear the drivers as discreet rather than integrated. My friend, who currently has M80s in a smaller room than mine says that he occasionally has this problem. Comments?
My opinion is worth exactly what you're paying for it!

#399483 - 12/24/13 11:22 AM Re: Which Axiom for me? [Re: Boomzilla]
fredk Offline

Registered: 12/06/07
Posts: 7718
Loc: Canada
MontrousBoomDude. I had the pleasure of listening to various Axiom speaker setups at the factory before buying and here is what I found:

All of their speakers share the same detailed flat response. The difference between the M22 M60 and M80 are quite noticeable in the bass (we haven't had a bass post in a while smile ) range, but quite subtle in the mid range and treble.

In direct A/B comparisons, I found the mid range a little better in the M80 and noticed certain things like cymbals had a transparency not quite equaled by other Axiom speakers.

Without the direct comparison, I don't know that you would remember (notice) differences outside of the base.

All that said. If you are worried about space in a smaller home, the M22 + sub would be an excellent combination in that the M22 probably has more flexibility in placement. I'm pretty sure the M80 won't fit on a shelf. grin

FWIW, I sit 8-9 feet from my M80s in my 11 x 20 foot living room and they sound quite good to me.

Blujays1: Spending Fred's money one bottle at a time, no two... Oh crap!

#399487 - 12/24/13 01:37 PM Re: Which Axiom for me? [Re: Boomzilla]
Boomzilla Offline

Registered: 09/25/13
Posts: 122
Loc: Louisiana
Thank you, Fred. I've wondered about the smaller Axioms with a sub combo... My friend with the M80s says "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! My current room needs at least the M80s and preferably the M100s, even with the sub." (He's a "go big or go home" kind of guy).

I'm still reluctant to commit to the M100 in case my future room is MUCH smaller.

Decisions, decisions...
My opinion is worth exactly what you're paying for it!

#399488 - 12/24/13 02:13 PM Re: Which Axiom for me? [Re: Boomzilla]
exlabdriver Offline

Registered: 09/07/11
Posts: 1530

I listen to my audio system at about 11' back. It is comprised of M2s + 2 X EP400 subs that fill my rather large, open room with articulate, quality sound. It is easily driven by my low powered tube amp & the robust, distortion free bass is most impressive.

My long & satisfactory experience with Sats + Sub(s) systems over the years does not jive with your friend's strong opinions. IMHO, there are just not many towers that reach as deeply as quality subs unless they are monsters with a price to match.

Check mine out in the gallery here & notice how my systems have morphed into what I think is my present killer setup:

Furthermore, Sats + Sub(s) systems have the distinct advantage in being able to dial in the bass level as you like it - but don't overdo it, ha!


#399489 - 12/24/13 04:20 PM Re: Which Axiom for me? [Re: Boomzilla]
J. B. Offline

Registered: 01/19/11
Posts: 1291
Loc: Quebec, Canada
my system is carefully setup and i sit at around 6 ft. from the M80s;
my room being 9 x 9 x 16 Ft.

to my ears, all frequencies are well integrated in the sound field,
and i never hear any driver or speaker attract attention to itself.
it might be different if i was sitting closer, but have never tried it.

the sound can be mind boggling in its realism and i can hear lots of things i had never heard before i got those Axioms.
pls check the links in my sig.
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#399490 - 12/24/13 04:31 PM Re: Which Axiom for me? [Re: Boomzilla]
Boomzilla Offline

Registered: 09/25/13
Posts: 122
Loc: Louisiana
Thanks, exlabdriver -

That was my feeling, but my audio buddy is adamant that I'll regret it should I get ANYTHING less than the M80s. I respect his ears and his opinions. That said, his M80s didn't work too well in my room (probably because of the amp). Even he agreed that the M80s just didn't sound anything like he thought they should.

I'm thinking that with the amplifier I now have, that there will be no bass reticence from any speaker used in the room. I'll also have sufficient damping factor that woofer control won't be an issue.

The speakers I'm now using (Paradigm Eclipse BP) have an anechoic -3dB of 28 Hz. They have great bass in my room, but the midrange and treble are somewhat recessed. From what I've read online, Paradigm deliberately voiced these to have a reduced tweeter output with the expectation that the speakers would be used in a "live" room where the rear tweeters would supplement the total treble output.

Alas, in my room, I've got ATS sound absorber pads directly behind & between the speakers and another immediately behind the listening couch. These make the room non-echoey. The M80s sounded AWESOME from the midrange on up (far, far better than the Paradigms) in this room, which is why I'm still strongly considering Axiom Audio speakers. I believe that the M80s have the potential to produce stronger bass in my room than what we previously heard.

Nevertheless, a pair of subwoofers would also work well here. I've previously used subs in this room with other speakers and had excellent results. The room is blessed with NO bass pile-up modes, and has absolutely flat frequency response from 25 to 90 Hz. (per measurements from the listening position).

So the ultimate question becomes: Assuming that I will use subwoofers, what do I give up by going to a smaller Axiom speaker? Obviously, the treble ultimate volume capacity that comes from having two tweeters...What else?
My opinion is worth exactly what you're paying for it!

#399492 - 12/24/13 06:47 PM Re: Which Axiom for me? [Re: Boomzilla]
exlabdriver Offline

Registered: 09/07/11
Posts: 1530
I doubt if you'll give up anything unless you want to drive them to ear damage levels - I don't. Perhaps towers would have the edge there but they don't look as nice to me. My listening area maxes out at about 90 Db.

For a little more power handling with a similar sound signature, the M22s would work just as well. I use a pair of those in my separate HT that are mated with their own Velo 10" ported subs.

Both models are equally capable & produce quality, accurate sound.

It is puzzling to me that your amp would have such a detrimental effect on the M80 sound during your audition. Doesn't make sense to me unless it is defective - perhaps it's some kind of nasty room interaction going on....


#399493 - 12/24/13 09:14 PM Re: Which Axiom for me? [Re: Boomzilla]
Socketman Offline

Registered: 07/12/09
Posts: 1481
Loc: Whitehorse YT
Fortunately Axiom offers a 30 day risk free trial. Depending on you locale and what return shipping might cost its the best way to go. Not every speaker works in every room, your best bet is to get some and move them around to where they sound best and if they don't work for you , then you can always return them. I had the same speakers for 25 yrs, they sounded different in every house ( apprx 10 ) I moved to. The fact you plan to downsize complicates things since I would recommend the M100's for your current residence but having them in a smaller room may be too much. I would recommend the M80's and add a sub if you want floor standers or go the M22 and subs. I ran M2's with 2 - 8" subs in a 16x 14 room and it sounded great, though I now have 2 large 10's and the M80's ( I love bass smile ) in the same room.

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#399500 - 12/24/13 11:24 PM Re: Which Axiom for me? [Re: Socketman]
chesseroo Offline

Registered: 05/13/02
Posts: 5117
Loc: western canada
Originally Posted By: Socketman
I had the same speakers for 25 yrs, they sounded different in every house ( apprx 10 ) I moved to.

Good lord, are you on the lam or what?
"Those who preach the myths of audio are ignorant of truth."

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