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#399507 - 12/25/13 12:54 AM Re: Which Axiom for me? [Re: Boomzilla]
JohnK Offline
shareholder in the making

Registered: 05/11/02
Posts: 10526
Boom, since it appeared that you'd made up your mind to go with tower speakers, I didn't comment further as I had in your previous thread about the merits of M22s plus a good sub. The first thing to keep in mind is that big enclosure doesn't necessarily mean big sound, except in the lowest bass assuming that it's correctly designed. The size of the enclosure largely controls the extent to which it can be tuned for greater bass extension(i.e., lower frequencies, not greater volume). Note that driver and enclosure design are what "control" woofers, and amplifier damping factor, at least anything in the double digits, doesn't add anything. In the mid-range and treble the design and number of drivers determines the ability to play loudly, but enclosure size has no direct influence(has to be big enough to hold the drivers, of course).

As applied to the M22, it should be noted that the all-important mid-range is covered by the same two 5 1/4" drivers in the M22 and M80. The loudness capability of the M22 is essentially identical here and the greater M80 enclosure size is not a significant factor. In the treble, as you comment, the dual M80 tweeters allow for playing more loudly in those frequencies, but more treble volume capability may not be significant in most home listening scenarios, and if so, nothing is being "given up".

The M22 with a good sub(or subs)has superior bass extension and volume capability and essentially identical mid-range and treble quality. This is what I use and suggest for my listening, which is almost entirely classical music.

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.

#399509 - 12/25/13 02:19 AM Re: Which Axiom for me? [Re: Boomzilla]
brwsaw Offline

Registered: 10/12/12
Posts: 1353
Loc: Canada
FWIW I admit the M22 should have been my first choice. Now that I've let my towers shine in music and HT I can't go back.
For better or worse M80HP's will be on route shortly.
I miss my HT.

#399522 - 12/25/13 04:19 PM Re: Which Axiom for me? [Re: JohnK]
chesseroo Offline

Registered: 05/13/02
Posts: 5117
Loc: western canada
Originally Posted By: JohnK
In the mid-range and treble the design and number of drivers determines the ability to play loudly, but enclosure size has no direct influence(has to be big enough to hold the drivers, of course).

And this is why i went with the M60s over M22s.
They just didn't fill the room with sound.
The larger speaker does that much more effectively.

I'm not sold on this recurring idea that M22 plus sub sounds like a M60/M80 either. For the record.
Aside from a vastly different driver size on the sub. vs the tower speaker drivers, most may not locate the M22 right on top of the sub so you now have a location change with this pair compared to the tower speakers that have an 'all in one' location.
We started with M22s and a sub WAYYYYY back when. Still had the M22s when the M60s arrived.
It was a long time ago but my recollection of this comparison was that it wasn't so similar.
"Those who preach the myths of audio are ignorant of truth."

#399535 - 12/25/13 09:37 PM Re: Which Axiom for me? [Re: chesseroo]
Socketman Offline

Registered: 07/12/09
Posts: 1481
Loc: Whitehorse YT
Originally Posted By: chesseroo
Originally Posted By: Socketman
I had the same speakers for 25 yrs, they sounded different in every house ( apprx 10 ) I moved to.

Good lord, are you on the lam or what?

No just running away from myself, but every where I went there I was.
DOG is GOD spelled backwards.
I blame my terseness on my keyboard. smile
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#399540 - 12/26/13 11:12 AM Re: Which Axiom for me? [Re: Boomzilla]
Boomzilla Offline

Registered: 09/25/13
Posts: 122
Loc: Louisiana
Well, this "large satellite vs. small satellite" question is the absolute crux of the question. If I plan to use subs crossed over at 80 Hz. anyway, then theoretically, even an M2 with frequency response down to 70 Hz. should be good. If I want to abide by the rule of "roll the satellites off one octave above their -3dB point," then I'd need at least the M50 towers for an 80 Hz. crossover. To use a 60 Hz. crossover, I'd need the M80s.

The only reason I'd see to need that rule is if I were playing the speakers at maximum volume. At lower volumes, the absolute output capability should not be an issue. Despite this, my friend insists that the M80 is the minimum Axiom I should consider for my room (and he also encourages me to get the "high-power" woofers).

The cost rises rapidly as one ascends the Axiom model line, and at the $2K on up level, there is SERIOUS competition from other manufacturers' products. Cost is NOT the main concern for me, but if I'm to spend that level of change, I want the best option.

I like Axiom's philosophy of spending on the drivers & crossover, not the cabinet finish (unless the customer wants to go there). I do think that some of Axiom's options should be available for less (particularly the outrigger feet for the towers).

And finally, I want to hear some speakers with ribbon midranges & tweeters before I buy. Of "conventional driver" designs, though, the Axioms (and the Thiels) sound the best that I've heard.
My opinion is worth exactly what you're paying for it!

#400657 - 02/05/14 12:38 AM Re: Which Axiom for me? [Re: Boomzilla]
MichaelTrottar Offline
old hand

Registered: 12/10/13
Posts: 84
If you are concerned about area in a compact sized house, the M22 + sub would be an outstanding mixture in that the M22 probably has more versatility in positioning. I'm fairly sure the M80 won't fit on a display.
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