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#400969 - 02/12/14 07:28 PM Re: Axiom bashing [Re: huskydave]
exlabdriver Offline

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I was just thinking on how pleasant it is to hang out here...


#400976 - 02/12/14 08:59 PM Re: Axiom bashing [Re: huskydave]
Philippe Offline

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I own now a pair of M3 as my main 2 channel system. I have own many good speakers which has cost more than 10times the M3 and I must say these little speaker give me excitation I haven’t heard since a long time and they haven’t yet finish to impress me…
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#400980 - 02/12/14 10:20 PM Re: Axiom bashing [Re: huskydave]
exlabdriver Offline

Registered: 09/07/11
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I too have a set of M3s that reproduce music in a surprisingly big way from a smallish box. At about $300 for a real wood veneer B Stock set, they were definitely a steal.

They really don't need subs (for most music) & in fact I had to tone down their bass response (room reinforcement) by plugging their ports...


#401062 - 02/14/14 08:40 PM Re: Axiom bashing [Re: huskydave]
chesseroo Offline

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For the first time in several years (kinda odd since we used to have this happen at least once a year with 'new' Axiom buyers), we had people over at our house and i did an audio demo.
They weren't at our house to buy, just party, but i thought some of these lads would love to hear the system sing.

Long story short, i had comments like "it sounds so clear" and "that is the best sound i've ever heard".
Now to be fair, these comments could have come from me owning any number of speaker brands of quality, but the fact remains that Axiom makes a great speaker for its price (yes even the non-LFR and massive driver versions).

Most people are not exposed to a well made speaker overall and when they hear one, they know it!

(For those who may ask, the demo included Best of Seal, one acoustic track, DVD audio disc, and U571 the depth charged scene. These have long been staples in demonstrating a few qualities of good audio for past demo sessions.)

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#401066 - 02/15/14 02:16 AM Re: Axiom bashing [Re: huskydave]
brwsaw Offline

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I use U571 to fine tune my subs.
Seems once it sounds good here everything else (except 2 channel) sounds right.
And I love the movie.
Thinking about co-locating my 4 powered Paradigm subs between my LRR and my LR.
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#401443 - 02/26/14 03:23 AM Re: Axiom bashing [Re: huskydave]
MichaelTrottar Offline
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I always persist on establishing up my sound system, amplifiers etc and carry my own paths in to really analyze their best devices and if they take violation I keep the shop.
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#403734 - 05/01/14 06:15 PM Re: Axiom bashing [Re: casey01]
huskydave Offline

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I bought the speakers used and brought them to Professional audio in Sudbury Ontario. I wanted to upgrade my power amp to be able to push them. The clerk hooked up my speakers to the amp I wanted to test but through a set of binding posts on the wall. I thought nothing of it and as he played my test cd. I was shocked as the speakers sounded very very bad and almost as if a tweeter was blown or something worse. The clerk told me my speakers were blown and I should have bought from him etc.. I was pissed off and called the guy I bought them from and complained. He told me to go home and try them on my own amp first so I did. I noticed they were fine and blew all the paradigm stuff away that that guy wanted to sell me out of the water. I caught this store doing some shady stuff with in wall crossovers and wanted to post here. I have also come across some very bad blood on other forums about axiom and found out in almost all cases the person was just attacking the design of said speaker and did not test the speaker in real world conditions or they had some "deal" with a sponsor to diss axiom speakers. I just want people to be aware of what is going on.

#403738 - 05/01/14 08:58 PM Re: Axiom bashing [Re: huskydave]
Gr8_White_North Offline

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I always felt that if I really wanted to get treated like shit, I just visit a so called highend audio store. I had a similar experience at a brick one time , the sales woman was trying to show me how good hdmi was ( like I don't already know ) and after she left I looked behind the tv and she was comparing hdmi to composite not component like she implied. Anything to make a sale.
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#403921 - 05/06/14 07:58 PM Re: Axiom bashing [Re: huskydave]
MatManhasgone Offline

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I found that on that other forum, considering an Axiom speaker was like committing heresy. You either spent the big money at a dealer, or you tried your luck buying someone else's 20 year old speakers because they didn't like them any more.

How can you like Axiom, they are so bad... except they have been in business for 30 years and get good reviews, but all that is irrelevant as they don't conform to the defined norm that a dealer must get more of your cash for a speaker to sound good.

I am so glad that Axiom has their own forum where us with free will to choose can go.
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#403923 - 05/06/14 08:26 PM Re: Axiom bashing [Re: MatManhasgone]
huskydave Offline

Registered: 12/16/12
Posts: 29
I didn't want to start stuff to put it mildly but make people aware that not only are their bad or biased reviews out there but that at least one store tried to screw me. I was smart enough to test the speakers on my own and come up with a real world conclusion. This changed my thinking a lot, I used to take other peoples opinion of a lot of products in store and on forums but now I know better. I think people really need to do their own testing. The guy at that store had no idea I would spend 3000 dollars on an amp plus wiring etc... he just thought he found another sucker.

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