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#408745 - 12/12/14 12:26 AM Help choosing good floorstanding speaker.
storm266 Offline
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I'm new on the forum. Plan is to start building a 5.1 system. I started seaching for a pair of good floorstanding speaker. I live in canada near ottawa. My receiver is a denon x3000. (105 w x7). So far I 've started looking on forum, pro review ect. So far I've auditionned PSB XT2 & Paradigm monitor 11 unfortunately from different store. I prefered the PSB xt2. And this week-end I will try again in another store the Monitor Audio Silver 6. And there is axiom ( like m60). We can try them but ok if I don't like rhem we talk around 90-100$ to ship them back plus the troubke to do it.

Pro review seem good in general for axiom. But on forum it seem to be 50/50. Some People that really like them ( say that they worth speaker x2 the price) and other that say they are too bright(don't laught :-) but i' m not quite sure what it mean). And that also overall quality is cheap for the price. There is probably exageration from both camp....

In all case we talk about spending between 1200-1500$ Can+taxes. To be fair with all these 4 brands I think, I will improve the sound quality I have with my tv laugh . But I thought it will have been easy but to be honest I started being scare with axiom because of the so so review especially. But again other person say they are in general good bang for the buck...I'm also open at suggestion.

Anyway help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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#408748 - 12/12/14 04:03 AM Re: Help choosing good floorstanding speaker. [Re: storm266]
exlabdriver Offline

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Axiom has a myriad of highly satisfied, longstanding customers who enjoy the accurate, uncoloured sound of their speakers. They have been producing quality speakers that are fully competitive at their price point for 35 years - so they must be doing something right.

If you want to read some recent reviews of current versions of Axiom speakers at a really credible website that is a cut above the others out there, have a look here:

Based on those current articles, they clearly demonstrate what Axiom is presently achieving wrt fine sound reproduction. Therefore, I think that you can largely disregard the juvenile negativity that has been regurgitated in vast quantities by very few individuals who seem to have an agenda & therefore have absolutely no credibility. I have 3 complete sets of Axioms comprising of 13 speakers throughout my house of which 4 are subs. If they are as bad as some of the children say, I certainly wouldn't keep purchasing them.

As for personal listening preference, only you can decide on whether Axioms (or any other brands) are for you. Nobody else can make that choice for you & above all, resist the requirement to have 'peer approval' (that seems to be so prevalent out there these days).

You have the advantage of living somewhat near the Axiom Factory at Dwight, ON. I highly recommend that you take a day to go there, take a tour of the plant (been there - fascinating), meet the good folks & demo some of their fine gear in their listening room. It's a great way to spend a day in a nice part of the world.

Good luck in your quest...


#408751 - 12/12/14 07:49 AM Re: Help choosing good floorstanding speaker. [Re: storm266]
MatManhasgone Offline

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I understand your position as I was in the similar boat in the past year.

I wanted to get a better set of speakers to listen to music. I had heard all the same bad vibes from others with that 'they are too bright' to 'lifeless sounding'. I did my trek out to multiple stores to audition different brands from B&W, Paradyme, PSB & Totem. Each sounded good but it's very hard to really tell what you have in a store listening with an Amp that is not yours, with a room that is not yours to be able to tell if what you hear there is going to be remotely like the sound that you are going to get when you splash down the money and take them home. So I asked 3 different stores if they have a loaner set that I can try. I got 2 NO CHANCE and an offer of 20% restocking fee.

I heard of the Axiom offer and jumped at it. It did take a week longer than I would have liked to get my speakers in. I went with a set from the B-Stock room as I care more about how they sound than how they look. (BTW, I couldn't find the flaw, even after a few hours looking).

The set of M80 speakers blew me away. They were by far miles better than everything else that I had heard for the same cost. I would even hazard to say they blew away the Paradyme speakers costing 3x the price (list).

Then I hit the underlying truth about the Axiom speakers They play what is really there. I did end up going back to one of the hoyty-toyty stores to play a few CD's just to see. If you have a good recording, it will sound awesome. If it is a bad recording, it will sound awful.

The dynamic range and detail is spectacular. I have never truly appreciated some of the songs that I have until I got these speakers. You need to give yourself a good 2-3 weeks of listening to multiple albums several times to really get a feel. There were some tracks that I loved before that I now don't. I know that is't just a bad recording or mix. They sound empty, or hollow. But if I hook back up my older speakers, I now know what music can sound like and they don't sound much better either. I have moved on.

I also did end up sending back the M80 to upgrade to the much larger LFR1100, but in hind sight, I would have still been very happy with the M80's I had and spent the saved money on other items.
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#408752 - 12/12/14 07:57 AM Re: Help choosing good floorstanding speaker. [Re: storm266]
AAAA Offline

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I would say you are on the right track with auditioning as many speakers as you can in specialist stores. You are right. Online info in most cases is completely hyperbolized in both directions. Discount virtually everything you read online. I would say the vast majority of people have only experienced a couple of brands or types of speakers (most likely not set up properly). An in home Axiom audition is a possibility if you request on the forum here too.

Listen to speakers above your budget as well. You will have a wow moment that awakens you to what sound can be!

Then you will be equipped to make the best decision for yourself with intel you gain by experience. smile

Plus, its fun to shop for fun things. grin

#408760 - 12/12/14 11:44 AM Re: Help choosing good floorstanding speaker. [Re: storm266]
brwsaw Offline

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The trip to Dwight would be worth every penny. I'd second the idea.

For what its worth I'm a very satisfied owner. All of the Axiom products I've heard to date sound exceptional, look great (I thought my towers were shipped real wood by mistake) and the service I've always received before, during and after a purchase has been top notch.

#408762 - 12/12/14 01:23 PM Re: Help choosing good floorstanding speaker. [Re: storm266]
MarkSJohnson Offline
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Welcome, Storm. I can mostly only echo what others have said: Axioms are great, accurate speakers and an excellent value. Much of the "negativity" you read about on forums are the same couple of people who feel that they have an axe to grind and shout bad stuff in every forum, and some others who have never heard Axioms (literally!) but give their impressions based on reading stuff from those other few people. Also, garbage in- garbage out. Axioms are revealing and will reward you with good recordings, but show the flaws of bad mastering too. Finally, Axioms service IS top-rate!

What I can add to the other posts is this: The best place to listen to speakers is in YOUR room, in YOUR speaker positions, listening to the music YOU like. It's near impossible to do that with a brick-and-mortar store. Someone (Jack?) once said that if you look at the cost of shipping them back as just a very low "rental fee" to have world-class speakers in your home for a month, it's a bargain. And really, very few people ever want to return them so the chances of that are low.

Also, in being fair, the other speakers that you're listening to are also good speakers (from manufacturers who largely look to produce accurate speakers over manufacturers who produce colored speakers. i.e., speakers with a "certain sound"). I don't think you would go wrong with the other choices, but I do think that Axioms' direct-to-consumer business model will give you a better value than the other brands, where each distributor and seller along the way jack up the final price to make their profits.

Again, welcome!

Tell us a bit about your room and the music / movies that you like!

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#408771 - 12/12/14 09:03 PM Re: Help choosing good floorstanding speaker. [Re: MarkSJohnson]
fredk Offline

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Hi Storm. I'll add my voice to those suggesting a drive to Dwight to listen to Axiom's full line.

Unlike greater than 90% of dealers, they have a proper setup for direct a/b comparisons of speakers that are properly positioned in a room and level matched.

As for opinions, yes, toss out those at the extreme ends. The best review I ever saw was from someone who owned a pair of Paradigm Signature 8's. Were the M80s as good as the S8? No. But, the had the same family of sound: neutral, open ... for the money spent he was thrilled to get a sound close to his S8 and thought they were a very good value for the money. Needless to say, he kept them.

The post is somewhere in the Axiom gallery. I don't know if you can find it using search though.

Edit: I tried searching the Gallery section, but kept getting a database error. I did a quick browse but could not find the original post. frown

On the upside, I did find that picture of Lampshade's wife holding the pink M3's. grin

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#408775 - 12/13/14 01:06 AM Re: Help choosing good floorstanding speaker. [Re: storm266]
storm266 Offline
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Well I would like first thanks you all for your help, tips and recommandation and for that so nice welcome in this forum.

Tam: good review you have added and also i will consider to go at their factory. It's still a good trip but i'm sure I won't regret it. Don't worry I'm not looking for global peer approval. Whatever I would buy: ferrari, porsche, acura or just a yaris there will always be person that like them and some that don't. But in others hand having some global impression and experience from person that have tried a product can help especially with the fact that right now we aren't comparing apple with apple when like some others people said the audition I had : it's not with my amp and neither my room right. In an ideal world i would have in my house the 4 pairs and try them all (i'm dreaming) :-). But thanks for all your recommandation.

Matt : nice experience your shared. Thanks. Question: when you say bad recording will produce awfull sound. I'm worry a bit... Usage will be 50-50 movie and music. Movies I like. Saving private ryan, black hawk down, LOTR, start wars, matrix,
Music : metallica, megadeth, ironmaiden, movies soundtrack, relaxing music( from cable alternative music like half moon run. I have couple cd, a lot of mp3 and aac( apple) song. I guess that Mp3 and acc is what you will qualifer of bad recording Matt? Is it really that bad? I will not mind buying b stock in good condition there isnot that much m60. My wife accepted the fact that we will have speakers but they need to be black:-).

Serenity : you are right.n it make sens most people will probably not professionally test and compare10 different set of the same categorie but they will make comments...

MarkSJohnson: like Matt you mention the fact that good recording will be rewarding in others hand bad recording will hit me:-). You asked me also what are my preference in term of movie and music. Check my comments/question to matt above. Abput the room.: leaving room is around 17'x 14' around:250 sqfeet. I will move next year in a bigger house wherre leaving room and entire 1st floor is more open space. Butthe area will be around 20x 16 and 330 sq feet.

Thanks also to have said good word on the paradigm and psb. It's honest. i teally liked the psb xt2. Better then paradigm to my personnel taste but not the same amp, not the same room, not the same music.
For sure all your comments it increase a bit the confidence going foward with at leatst a trial. i agree that is the best way to try. At home. Like i said eaŕier ideally i would have all othe rhp with me to compare. I must say Mark I really liked your comparaison about considering axiom trial to like a rental.

Also we are dec 13th. Do you know if from and axiom trial. do you think it'sa good idea to wait on dec 26th? Is there any sales normally on the boxing day?
Right now i was going to look at black factory M60 at 1313$.

Another point : in term of placement I won't be able to place them 6' from the wall maybe 12-18 inch max. Do you think it will be a problem.

So i think i covered majority of the point thanks again everyone. Nice forum and very nice people.



#408776 - 12/13/14 02:11 AM Re: Help choosing good floorstanding speaker. [Re: storm266]
CV Online   confused
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Originally Posted By: storm266
Matt : nice experience your shared. Thanks. Question: when you say bad recording will produce awfull sound. I'm worry a bit... Usage will be 50-50 movie and music. Movies I like. Saving private ryan, black hawk down, LOTR, start wars, matrix,
Music : metallica, megadeth, ironmaiden, movies soundtrack, relaxing music( from cable alternative music like half moon run. I have couple cd, a lot of mp3 and aac( apple) song. I guess that Mp3 and acc is what you will qualifer of bad recording Matt? Is it really that bad?

I'm not Matt, but I thought I'd share my own experience on this point. You'll recognize bad recordings, but I wouldn't go so far as to say you won't be able to listen them. It's true that you'll keep wanting to find the better recordings, and it's sad when you like a song but find the sound quality lacking, but in my own experience it's a reaction that mellows with time. I listen to a lot of music that doesn't have ideal fidelity, but I still enjoy it.

Movies have a better ratio of good to bad recordings, especially on Blu-ray. You'll find a LOT of reasons to smile when it comes to movies and even modern TV shows. I've been re-watching Breaking Bad, and the sound still impresses me just as much as the cinematography. Besides AMC, HBO has historically been very sound-oriented with their TV shows as well. Band of Brothers is another one of those series to get on Blu-ray if you want demo material. As far as movies, out of the ones you mentioned, Saving Private Ryan is probably my favorite sound-wise. So intense. You'll have a lot of fun.

I should mention that I have LFR1100s, not M60s, but I did own M80s before, and they made me very happy. I imagine with the generational changes that the current M60 is a more well-rounded speaker than the M80s I owned.

#408783 - 12/13/14 01:37 PM Re: Help choosing good floorstanding speaker. [Re: storm266]
exlabdriver Offline

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To elaborate a bit - Axiom speakers are brutally accurate; therefore they produce faithfully what is recorded.

Poor recordings (there are a lot of them out there - excessively loud, no dynamic range, compressed) will sound, well, poor.

In contrast, fine recordings will excel & will come across wonderfully.

There are a lot of my older CDs (I have some from the infancy of the CD) that I don't listen to anymore because they just are not up to the high sound quality of the likes of Eric Clapton whose works over the past 10 years have been superbly recorded. His older stuff is not nearly as good IMO & it languishes in the drawer.

I am a big fan of SACDs, not because of the medium per se, but due to the fact that much more care has been taken to mix the recordings properly for this supposedly 'audiophile' segment. Most really sound fabulous, although some better than others...


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