I need help , to the forum managers if this is not allowable please remove with my apologies. This is an interesting challenge to anyone like myself that's learning audio enhancement.I have a 3 minute digital file with some problems. Its part of a surveillance recording done legally according to this states laws. However it was not used because of the condition of the file. A low frequency back ground noise and the subjects voice is a very odd distinguishable deep voice. Almost in human . To prove a point and from pure stubbornness I and a friend are determined to make this file tangible. We have used various programs audacity, wave form and the demo version of DC Live6. With a good ear the original can be understood with the exception of the background and some troubled spots. This would be good practice for anyone interested in this kind of enhancement. The original digital file is around 3 minutes and was emailed to me. The file is very easy to send electronically. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated