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#416032 - 12/22/15 09:45 PM What to do?
brwsaw Online   happy

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Sometimes it's worth it to beat a dead horse.....

I've reviewed some "ideal" room layout sites again and am reconsidering some ideas I passed on before.
If I change the room as is now drawn, I will lose 2 of the 4 adult seats and will be reducing my screen size considerably (100" diagonal to 80")
In making the changes I'll have my seat on the 38% mark, my fronts will be another 17" further into the room and will be closer together. The image size conveniently matches the width of the fronts.
According to the THX reccomendations my seats will be right where they should be with the screen size.
I also gain access to the window behind the screen, will have room for a ladder, and will be able to use both in the event of a fire. It is a relatively sound proof room, you'd never really know until it's too late...its been bugging me for a while.
So, I guess the advice I seek is would you place your speakers 65 inches into a room? It is a dedicated space and potentially I'll be improving both the image and sound stage.
It's going to look funny though. When you walk into the room you'll see wall of AT screen material (10' w x 6.5' t), the projected image will only be 80" diagonal.

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#416033 - 12/23/15 08:39 AM Re: What to do? [Re: brwsaw]
MatManhasgone Offline

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just off the cuff..

..but I think if there was a fire and the choice was to get burnt alive or move the speakers out the way and remove the screen to get to a window and get out alive.. I think I would say F! to the equipment and it would be thrown out the way, the screen would be readily slashed with a utility knife and I'd get the heck out. All the content is covered by insurance and can be easily replaced. Your life however is not.

I could understand if moving and downsizing would make your setup from a sure deathtrap into something survivable.
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#416036 - 12/23/15 09:46 AM Re: What to do? [Re: brwsaw]
AAAA Offline

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I would do it. You can make it permanent if you like it.

#416037 - 12/23/15 12:08 PM Re: What to do? [Re: brwsaw]
a401classic Offline

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To me, the "ideal" room is one that works with what you have. If you are looking for a room that meets perfect, hypothetical dimensions, then you would have to built it to spec, imho.

If you revamp your room and gain some safety aspects, then that's a plus. You'll get used to the new layout quickly. If there's really a fire than causes you to jump out of a window, then it's probably all toast anyway - better to be able to get out and rebuild, than not.

But that's just my $0.02



#416040 - 12/23/15 06:03 PM Re: What to do? [Re: brwsaw]
brwsaw Online   happy

Registered: 10/12/12
Posts: 2013
Loc: Canada
I'll take Trevor up on his offer of a 3d rendering in the new year....
I wanted to add I'm really thinking about adding a multilayer bass trap at the back if the room. I'll have the free space and it should act to remove some echo too.
With Trevors assistance I'll have another layout option.
Right now the screen is nearly wall to wall, floor to ceiling. There is 8 inches per side, 8 inches to the floor and about an inch and a half to the ceiling. Most wouldn't know theres a window and even if they did its 6' or so off the floor. This will be a big relief moving forward.
I've been planning an air return above the PJ too, its looking more and more like a complete re&re at this point.


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