There has been a few posts mentioning the issue (in different terms) so I waited for a resolution, but it doesn't seem like it is coming and since this is critical for a transportable device, I will create a thread just for that (with more technical details).

Currently the AxiomAir doesn't support Wi-Fi properly. It lists and connects Wi-Fi access points instead of Wi-Fi networks (exactly like if a cell phone would force you to connect to the tower next to you and drop calls when you move away from that tower, instead of connecting to a NETWORK like Rogers or AT&T and letting the hardware protocol switch towers when you are on the go without dropping calls -- actually, without you noticing).

In Wi-Fi technical terms, Axiom air should only be showing SSIDs and not BSSIDs (in the UI). And it ESPECIALLY should not interfere with the hardware by connecting to a specific BSSID. The hardware already supports connecting to a SSID and BY ITSELF, will pick the best access point (BSSID) to communicate over your network (this is low level, so no IP address change, no noticing).

SSID = Network (unique)
BSSID = Access point (not unique, tied with a SSID for network infrastructure).

The bottom line:
Right now, in the AxiomAir interface, you have to pick a BSSID (but only seeing SSIDs, so you don't even know which access point you actually selected!). Then, when you move the AA, it will lose connection with the selected BSSID and revert to Hot Spot mode... even if there are other access points for that network (SSID) nearby that would be only too happy to uphold the connection.

This issue was born out of insufficient knowledge of Wi-Fi networks, but it is critical that these get addressed ASAP. Axiom can't claim to have a transportable device if it's blocking the wi-fi dongle to perform it's duty properly.

What needs to be done:

1) Only show SSIDs that are DIFFERENT (always assume that same SSID is same network. If that is not the case, it is NOT your problem, but the people who setup their network wrong).

2) Don't pass the BSSID to the WLAN controller when you connected, just the SSID. Roaming is second nature to Wi-Fi devices.

3) If the "current connection" uses the BSSID in any way, this has to change to avoid detecting false disconnections.

Thanks in advance.

E = ((2M100 + VP180 + 4QS10)/(EP800 + EP500))^(ADA1500 x D2v)