Everything on my AxiomAir N3 has worked fantastic first try without issues (Home WiFi, hotspot, sound quality, battery life). A couple of random comments...

- The bass port/handle is a fantastic design and makes it truly portable.

- Having to open the WebGUI to switch to analog input when my son wants to play from his iPod is frustrating. If he had a WiFi device he could just play that way. Currently he has to connect his iPod by aux then go to his computer and turn on the analog input. Since the AUX input is designed for cases where WiFi is not an option, requiring the user to turn it on via WiFi is counter-intuitive. A switch on the AA itself would seem to make so much more sense.

- When on holidays and connecting to the AA's hotspot with our iPhones and iPads worked great, except when I wanted to play music that was not on my devices. (I use iTunes Match service so that music which is not downloaded to my device can still be streamed). Except I couldn't as i was on a non-internet WiFi (the AA's).

- My son was disappointed that he couldn't stream Spotify from his Android device (I realize that is Spotify's problem for not supporting AirPlay but wished there was a way to work around that)

- I would have preferred the wired ethernet port being on the back. I would expect that using it in wired mode would be for when it is in its assigned normal location in the home rather than for casual mobile use. So why not put that port on the back to keep it hidden and the door closed. Same goes for having a couple of the USB ports on the back instead of all on the front (the USB WiFi adapter could then be put there too and free up all the front USB ports)

- I wish there was a rollable/foldable transport cover for the front grill. I worry when transporting in the bag that something will bang into it and damage a driver or dent/rip the grill. I ordered mine with stainless grill for just this reason but don't want that dented either. I made a form out of cardboard/foam/ducttape that wraps around the unit for when it is being transported.

All good stuff so far.


Sub: Axiom EP500v4
Surrounds: Axiom QS8v4 x 4
Center: Axiom VP150v4
Mains: Yamaha NS1000M x 2
Projector: Epson LS10000
Power Amps (mains): Carver Silver Seven-700 x 2
Processor/Amp (center/Surr): Anthem MRX710
Network Music: Cambridge CXN

Music Room:
Mains: Wharfdale 708 x 2
Sub: Velodyne F1200
Power Amps: Carver Silver-7t x 2
Pre-Amp: Carver CT-7
CD Player: Carver DTL-200mk2
Turntable: Technics SL1200
Cartridge: Denon DL-103 MC