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Re: New Basement Theater - Speaker Placement Advice?
bridgman #421254 11/29/16 05:10 PM
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Joined: Mar 2007
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Originally Posted By newf
If you ever have plans of doing Atmos or dts:x, don't get qs8's. Don't mount to ceiling either. Go onwall M2 or M3's for surrounds. Keep them ear level. Bookshelves on stands would sound even better but most people don't have the room for stands around the back.

Otherwise QS8's will do fine duty up top and sound great, I did it for years, but the second I went Atmos they were the wrong speaker in the wrong position.

Now with Atmos, the entire process of buying speakers is different, only my opinion. You no longer need two great big towers up front, and little surrounds, you ideally need the same good bookshelves or onwall speakers all around and two subs to make up for not having the larger speakers up front.

Thought about it, but all the side speakers would have to be mounted to the ceiling due to the open wall on the left. Might lead to a lot of bumped heads as the ceiling is only 7'. I might just have to settle with 7.1 with qs8's. Which isn't terrible, I have yet to experience atmos at home. Ignorance is bliss...right?

Originally Posted By Serenity_Now
Consider putting the AV rack under the stair and putting an acoustically transparent screen wall up where your stair wall juts out. Shorter run to PJ, line of sight for remote, gets it out of floating in far corner. Speaker wires for LCR can be sleeved through short wall through a data ring and plate.

The screen wall idea will allow you to reduce corner loading your speakers and provide concealment of subs, speakers, bass traps, diffusers, corpses, whatever. The right channel should have some form of absorbtion placed on the adjacent wall to reduce reflected energy. Your left channel has little reinforcement once moved out into the room. Attenuating the right reflections will help balance your channels somewhat. The rear wall is pretty close. You may want to bump your seating ahead a bit and get some panels opposing your surround locations from the leftside. Treat your right wall with 3x 3" thick roxul absorption panels total.

Thought about that originally. But the wife wanted to build an area for the dogs under the stairs. She's letting me do whatever I want in the rest of the basement, so I have no problem giving her that

Originally Posted By bridgman

Ahh, OK... my first thought was that running an AT screen the full width would be way too big, but it's "only" 120", and I do like the idea of getting the fronts away from the side walls... plus as Serenity_Now said you are going to want to pull the fronts out from the front wall either way.

I'm leaning towards using a regular (non AT) screen - even a 90" diagonal would be enough to give you a THX-recommended viewing angle, and you have room for bigger than that without the fronts getting in the way.

Thanks for the extra pics, they really help.

You could move the side surrounds forward a foot or so and still have one mounted on a bracket coming down from the I-beam without people banging their heads. Alternatively you could move them back a bit and run 5:1, but these days I think it's worth running 7.1 if you can.

Agreed, a wall would make it feel too cramped. If you wanted though you could hang a heavy black curtain down from the I-beam framing and draw it closed to help with light/sound control (both ways :)).

I think you will end up wanting some absorption along the right side wall to make up for the left side being open (or curtain), or the sound will seem unbalanced.

A few people have posted pics of really nice decorative sound absorbing panels they made. Maybe 2 of those.

Yeah, I figured between 90-100" as well for the screen size. I have plenty of room to move the speakers up without them getting in the way. That is one of the primary reasons I am placing the screen on that wall.

I think I am going 7.1. Atmos sounds great, but the room is small and all those speakers on ceiling might get in the way due to the layout. I imagine it's also more costly.

The curtain is a GREAT idea. Never would have thought of that and it's a good way to improve the acoustics without dividing the room up. I can just add a few panels on the one side then.

Thanks again for all the advice guys really appreciate it. I wish I could edit my original post title and just turn this into my build thread. Guess I will have to create another.

Re: New Basement Theater - Speaker Placement Advice?
mikecoscia #421255 11/29/16 05:16 PM
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Joined: Aug 2004
Posts: 6,377
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Separate build thread is better anyways IMO.

We enjoy spending other peoples money smile

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