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#421331 - 12/04/16 06:07 PM Subwoofer tone - EP600 vs EP800
Soundemon Offline

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Hi All
First time poster but long time axiom fan. particularly the subwoofers.

I'm looking for subwoofers for my primary system. I'm considering a pair of EP800s.

One of my favorite things about axiom subwoofers is the tone. I find a lot of subwoofers, while they go deep and they can play loud, they just don't have any soul. The EP 500 and 600 have great tone and character. there's a texture to the bass that I really like.

A few years back I attended a subwoofer shootout, the challengers were the SVS PB13 ultra, Velo DD15, JL F112, and EP600. my favorite by a fair margin was the EP600, coming in I expected it to be at the bottom! I owned one for a while after that but eventually sold to try other things.

I've recently bought an EP500v2 for my secondary system, and am immediately reminded what I love about axiom subs.

After all that, my question is now this - I love the specs on the 800, and the look of it. However it is now a sealed design and not ported like all other axiom subs I've listened to and owned. Is there anyone out there who has upgraded from a 500 or 600 to ep800, and can you comment on the tone of the sub? the character?


#421332 - 12/04/16 07:25 PM Re: Subwoofer tone - EP600 vs EP800 [Re: Soundemon]
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Welcome to the forum. I don't own any axiom subs but another member here , exlabdriver has a pair of 800's and absolutely loves them. Cant stop him from raving about the. Now I am not sure if all 800's are sealed so hopefully he will chime in and share his experience with you. Many others have the 800's and I have never heard a disparaging word about them .
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#421333 - 12/04/16 07:50 PM Re: Subwoofer tone - EP600 vs EP800 [Re: Soundemon]
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I had a 600 for a time before upgrading to a pair of 800s (and I now have 4). The 600 was great, and the 800s have only improved the experience. I still have a mild curiosity about other technologies like the rotary woofer by Eminent Technology, but I don't really feel like I'm missing out on anything. I'd say your plan is a good one. Dual 800s, and don't look back.

#421339 - 12/05/16 01:05 PM Re: Subwoofer tone - EP600 vs EP800 [Re: Soundemon]
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I realize that the term 'musical' is kind of frowned upon when audio enthusiasts talk about speakers, especially subs; however, my 2 pairs of Axiom subs - EP400s for a music system & EP800s for HT - are just that.

They are wonderfully accurate & produce the 'texture' (musical sound?) that has been noted by many others over the years who have heard them.

For me, Axiom subs are the best sounding subs that I've heard in my little world - no 'one note boom' that is so prevalent out there. Most enthusiasts obsess with the minutia of published measurements that don't necessarily ensure that the magical 'musical' sound that I enjoy is achieved.

They just sound good - most highly recommended...



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