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#423332 - 02/13/17 06:07 PM Another Home Theater Build - Looking for Advice
icehawk21 Offline

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Like many others, I'm putting together a 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos front projection home theater setup. I'm an existing Axiom owner so I decided to go with Axiom speakers again for this build. I've already purchased all of the equipment and speakers, and most of it has arrived. I started the build this weekend and, frankly, the anxiety level is rising. So I thought I'd post my plan and let the fine folks on this forum chime in with their wisdom and experience. I've already gleaned quite a bit of information from this forum to come up with the plan so hopefully I'm not too far off.

The goal was to implement a 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos theater with a 115" front project screen. The room is in the basement and is (mostly) light controlled, with only one window (that I might black out) and whatever light comes down the stairs. It will mostly be used for movies, Netflix and regular TV.

Anyways, here is a link to some PDF (Visio) drawings of the floorplan, with seating, speakers, project screen, etc. It is pretty much too scale. It's a bit busy but pretty self-explanatory.

Home Theater Plan

Home Theater Plan - Side View

Equipment List:

  • Project: Epson 5040ub
  • Screen: 115" EluneVision Reference Studio 4k Fixed Frame (White, 1.0 gain)
  • Receiver: Denon AVR-X6300H
  • UHD BluRay Player: Oppo 203D
  • Remote: Logitech Harmony Elite
  • L/R Speakers: Axiom M100 (Black Oak)
  • Center Channel Speaker: Axiom M80HP (Black Oak) *to be swapped for the inverted cabinet version
  • Side/Back Surround Speakers: On-Wall M5HP (Boston Cherry)
  • Overhead Atmos Speakers (Top Fronts & Top Rears): On-Wall M5HP (Boston Cherry) - mounted to ceiling using Full Metal Ceiling Brackets, oriented on it's side and angled towards listening position
  • Subwoofer: 2 x EP800 (Black Oak, Vertical)

I've already received most of the equipment and have started the build. I hung the screen this weekend (which was more difficult than I expected) and tested the projector. Next step is to run cabling through pre-installed conduit and mount the projector. Then I will setup the receiver and start calibrating/setting up the speakers. I am also planning to get a professional calibration done on the projector.

I'm starting this thread for some open feedback and to ask questions as I go through the installation. I do have a couple of initial questions/concerns, though.

What are the thoughts on using the On-Wall M5HP speakers as the overhead Atmos speakers, versus in-ceiling speakers? I honestly didn't want to have to use in-ceiling speakers since I don't know how to fish wire through a textured drywalled ceiling. Also, there has been discussions about using overhead speakers that could be angled for better dispersion (see Acoustic Frontiers blog posts). Thoughts?

How to arrange the front speakers? I was planning to place the subs alongside the L/R towers at the front of the room as I don't really have many other options. But there isn't much allowance to keep both the subs and the towers away from the side/back walls. What's the best orientation? I'm thinking the M100s to the outside with the subs to the inside. I was originally going to purchase SVS PB16-Ultras which could have been placed further in and under the projection screen, but decided to go with the EP800s out of loyalty to Axiom and also because they were a bit cheaper.

I can mount the back surrounds and left surround at any height, but I'm limited to mounting the right surround higher, with the bottom edge of the speaker at 55" from the floor. Should I mount all of the surrounds to the same height or mount the 3 lower with just the one a bit higher. What would be the ideal height?

Anyways, I will have a lot more questions but that should get the ball rolling...hopefully. Thanks in advance for any assistance that can/will be provided.



#423338 - 02/13/17 09:10 PM Re: Another Home Theater Build - Looking for Advice [Re: icehawk21]
nickbuol Offline

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I am up to my ears in home theater projects over at AVS, but just a quick thought.... "Screw the people working out..."

Actually I'm being a little serious. Someone running or exercising really isn't going to be betting a good surround sound or Atmos experience anyway, and you are compromising those sitting in the seats and their desire for the "best" experience that you are going for.

Focus the sound on the seated area, and anyone jogging or working out will still be able to see the screen and be entertained.

Be careful of putting speakers or subs into corners. You will get some negative impact on sound quality. You will create really strong first reflection points the closer a speaker is to a wall. You will excite more "modes" in the room putting subs in corners, but you are really messing with quality doing so. I would get the speakers a little further from the wall and push the subs in to about the 1/3 mark along the front wall (break the wall into 3 equal sections and put the first sub where the 1st and 2nd section meet and the other where the 2nd and 3rd sections meet. Of course, more ideal would be at the mid-point of 2 opposite walls (middle of the front and middle of the back, or middle of each of the side walls), but I'm running 2 big subs at the 1/3 points up front and getting great response (improved quality) throughout the room.

Don't be afraid to put nice sized speakers up on the ceiling for Atmos. I went with on-wall speakers and put them up on my ceiling because I soundproofed my room and didn't want to cut 4 large holes in the ceiling, plus I would have hit some sort of ceiling joist, conduit, or clip/hat channel trying to put the speaker in. I went with M3s and they work great. At CEDIA 2016 the Denon & Marantz demo booth (always put on a nice technical display and demo) they put in large 8" woofer overheads and it was quite impressive. The overheads are only active about 5-10% of a typical (native) Atmos movie, but having that extra woofer space was a nice touch for getting some mid-bass energy overhead. YES you CAN tell the difference.

Hopefully that helps get the ball rolling a bit in people's thoughts. Exciting times for sure.
2-M60s, VP180, 8-M3s, SVS 20-39PCi, DIY Sub, 8-Shakers, JVC RS45, Anthem MRX-1120

#423345 - 02/13/17 10:43 PM Re: Another Home Theater Build - Looking for Advice [Re: icehawk21]
dakkon Offline

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I agree with nick... Forget the walker people....

I also agree with nick. Don't slam the 100's right up next to the wall. I'm on my phone now so i cant post any photos.. But, i'm starting a build now as well.. Kinda.. More of just setting the room up. My towers are about 1ft from the front wall and 18 inches from the side wall.

Why isnt the side speaker at the 1' 11" spot in line with the other speaker? Is the riser already built? From an acustics perspective that room is going to be very tough... The pdf below discusses acustical treatments which nick mentioned above.

Also, dont forget you can lay the 800's on their side.. That's what i'm doing with one of my 600's... I'm going to build a little stand for the 600 and put my center above the 600. Then i'm building equiptment racks to put my equiptment on either side of the center/sub combo.

Read this pdf. The beginning is a little basic; but, i think you will appreciate the second half of the litterature. It's a bit of an older article.. But, the physics of sound are the same.. Just today we have flat screen tv's and not CRT's.. wink

Bryan, at the end of the day there's a lot to think about and very few people can afford the "perfect" room. So, make what you have work the best for you. And, don't get too anxious... Unless you saw through an I joist.... Good luck, it will be fun.

#423346 - 02/13/17 10:57 PM Re: Another Home Theater Build - Looking for Advice [Re: icehawk21]
brwsaw Offline

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You've heard it all before lol

#423347 - 02/13/17 10:57 PM Re: Another Home Theater Build - Looking for Advice [Re: icehawk21]
brwsaw Offline

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Insert Homer drool sound here
You've heard it all before lol

#423351 - 02/14/17 06:37 AM Re: Another Home Theater Build - Looking for Advice [Re: icehawk21]
AAAA Offline

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Done 2 installs with Treadmills behind seating. They ring like bells with impulses. You don't want that.

Nick is your man. Good advice and current ta boot.


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