I usually post in the android forum ,but thought it would be best to post in the general forum for this small issue just in case the problem is relevant to all usb interfaces .

Load up a usb with 3000 songs
Plug it in to the AA

Reboot the AA after you allow the re-scan to complete . There is " NO " progression bar showing how far along the scan has completed using the update feature or scanning .
With this said , you have to guess at how much time it should take for the AA to scan a file with 3000 songs.

Am I performing the scan or update incorrectly ?

After some time , you click on music library , the AA will open up the usb,s connected to the device .

Select the usb you want to listen to if you have more than 1 plugged in .

I have noticed with the newest software version , if you want to add songs to the queue , you have to have some very small fingers to get the song added to the queue .
With this said ,am I all thumbs ? or is anyone else having trouble .
I have one of those computer pens with my android note pad and I still have grief trying to add songs to the queue without accidentally hitting play .

Can we make the right side menu bigger when trying to add music to a play list or add to queue ?

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