All, I had a very positive experience at a HT site (Zax Audio Video) when I purchased a Marantz SR6011. The unit arrived with a damaged outer box (UPS issue), and when I complained to the merchant (not knowing what mechanical damage the unit may have suffered) , he took care of me, i.e. bumped me up to a SR6012 at a reduced price, since he was out of stock on a replacement SR6011 unit.

BTW, the units are all new, and their pricing is below the 'list' price at many U.S. online as well as brick and mortar retailers such as Best Buy, Crutchfield, etc.

BTW, I told the merchant I'd post a complimentary review given the favorable experience, I don't receive any benefit or 'kickback' from this post.


Axiom M80Ti, VP150, M3 on walls X 4, M3 ceiling X4, HSU VTF-3 MK3