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#426459 - 08/23/17 11:13 AM EP175 Stopped Working
TDIPablo Offline

Registered: 04/04/17
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Loc: Ottawa, Ontario
I've submitted a ticket with Axiom (not sure how long it takes them to action) but was wondering what user experience has been with support.

Last night, I noticed my EP175 didn't appear to be outputting any sound. The green led on the back panel is on, the volume knob is set at 6, not output. I turned it on and off hoping a reset might do the trick, no go.

Next I tested to see if my AVR or cables were bad. I substituted another sub I have lying around and it worked fine (i.e. not an AVR or cable issue).

Any other thoughts? The sub is only 4 months old (though it was a refurb from the Axiom store).

#426460 - 08/23/17 05:42 PM Re: EP175 Stopped Working [Re: TDIPablo]
cb919 Offline

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Hi TDI. I've not had to use their service in a long time now, however when I did Axiom was very prompt and helpful with resolutions. They have an excellent reputation for service and support. Hope you're back to rockin some bass soon.

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#426461 - 08/23/17 08:26 PM Re: EP175 Stopped Working [Re: TDIPablo]
bridgman Offline

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One pattern I have seen is that response time tends to be slower in August when a lot of folks are on vacation.
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#426463 - 08/24/17 08:05 AM Re: EP175 Stopped Working [Re: TDIPablo]
TDIPablo Offline

Registered: 04/04/17
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Loc: Ottawa, Ontario
Well I am absolutely floored! Ian contacted me within 6 hours and asked for pictures of the back so that they can send me the correct replacement amp! Not sure exactly what that means but I'm guessing they figure that replacing the amp is easy enough for a DIY. As long as no soldering is involved, I should be able to manage.

Fingers crossed so far but if this customer service experience pans out, huge kudos to Axiom!

#426464 - 08/24/17 11:43 AM Re: EP175 Stopped Working [Re: TDIPablo]
EFalardeau Offline

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That's one of the great thing with Axiom's engineering. They design their products to be easily serviceable by their customers (saves a lot of time).
I just had to replaced the PI board on my AA and it was a piece of cake. The boards even have large sections that can be used to hold it without risking to spark the board with ESD.
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#426585 - 09/15/17 01:07 PM Re: EP175 Stopped Working [Re: TDIPablo]
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Registered: 04/04/17
Posts: 140
Loc: Ottawa, Ontario
Ok, finally received the replacement amplifier on Wednesday (2 weeks turn around is bloody amazing IMHO). I opened the box and to my horror, no instructions! Fearing the worse, I gathered all my tools including my soldering iron ready to tackle what this was of course going to be a major replacement project!

Turns out, all I needed was a simple Allen key. Maybe Axiom can sell their speakers at Ikea! :-)

All kidding aside, with the right bit at the end of my drill, I had the back off in no time. What would have been nice to know is that the only two wires I had to "unbind" were actually on clips and didn't need to be unscrewed. I didn't know they were slider clips so I unscrewed the bolt and can you guess what happened? Yep, one of the binding post fell into the sealed box! Panic set it, how do I get access to that binding post? Crap, I'll need to cut a hole! Yikes!

Sanity returned when I noticed I could simply unscrew the front woofer with the same allen key bit. Voila! There was the binding post hanging from it's wire ready to be fed back into the back hole. Crisis averted.

With the binding post securely back in it's place, I proceeded to install the new amp... Wait a minute, the blue and white wires on the new unit don't have the end pieces to fit on the binding posts! Panic again!

That's when I realized the blue and white wires were terminated with crimp wire disconnects that slide onto ring terminals... DOH! This is where a simple 3"x3" installation picture would have saved me 15 minutes :-)

Long story short, I have my bass back and dozens of movies to catch-up on.

Excellent customer service from Axiom.

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#426616 - 09/18/17 03:02 PM Re: EP175 Stopped Working [Re: TDIPablo]
2x6spds Offline

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Good work. All audio tweakers know that panic feeling!
Glad everything went so smoothly.
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