I was looking to add a Google Chromecast Audio (CCA) dongle to the AA (there are no open source CCA implementations for the Pi that I could find), but noticed some things:
1) There is no issue in powering the CCA from the AA itself but the USB Ports don't seem to electrically isolated so you get a lot of static / distortion. No probs if you run the CCA of a separate adaptor.
2) The AA will auto switch from the Analog port when it receives a DLNA/Airplay stream but does not do the opposite. I'm trying to run the AA as a pure streaming box without needing to use the App to select inputs etc. Would it be possible to either:
- Autodetect a signal on the Analog port and switch to it or;
- Default to the Analog port so that it will switch back to this port once DLNA/Airplay had finished.


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