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#426857 - 10/19/17 04:06 PM Replace amp in EP500 or new sub (HSU, SVS, other)
in2deep Offline

Registered: 05/06/06
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Long story short, just figured out that the amp in my ep500 v2 is fried.

Should I look a replacement amp for $600-700 (w/ 5 yr warranty) or look at something altogether new? Also have M60's, QS8's, and VP150 rounding out the rest of the system that was purchased in 2006.

Stick with the EP500 or move on??

#426859 - 10/19/17 07:02 PM Re: Replace amp in EP500 or new sub (HSU, SVS, other) [Re: in2deep]
Newf Offline

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I don't know anything about the backstory here. Nothing. But, that replacement cost is high.

Not to long ago I lost my HSU AMP. It's a very good sub. I was given two options. Repair, $200. Or replace, which came to just over $400 with shipping to NL and duties from the USA. That was all Canadian dollars. I went the replace route simply because shipping the old AMP back wasn't worth the shipping costs. I've seen refurb 500's here for 700. I believe that's what mine cost. Just say'n

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#426860 - 10/19/17 07:50 PM Re: Replace amp in EP500 or new sub (HSU, SVS, other) [Re: in2deep]
in2deep Offline

Registered: 05/06/06
Posts: 8
No real back story. Sub stopped working a few yrs ago and I never got around to diagnosing the issue. The other day determined that one of the fuses was blown. After replacing, it powered up....but starting smoking immediately. Upon taking out the amp to examine, saw that one of the capacitors and boards were fried.

Contacted Axiom and was quote $680 for a replacement with a 5 yer warranty, but think I might be able to get it a little cheaper. Having lived the past few years without it, not sure if it's worth the money to replace and have the house shaker that I remember or to move on an get something new. Maybe a 30 day audition is in order especially since they changed the amp since I originally purchased.

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#426863 - 10/20/17 01:06 AM Re: Replace amp in EP500 or new sub (HSU, SVS, other) [Re: in2deep]
2x6spds Offline

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I used 2 15 inch Dahlquist subs in one of my 2 channel systems. I was listening to Musorgsky's Pictures on SACD and the glorious music thundered, a truly ecstatic moment, then an acrid smell brought me out of my celestial moment, I opened my eyes, and white smoke was pouring out of one of my Dahlquists. Well, I unplugged it, blasted my fire extinguisher through its port, picked it up, held it away from me holding my breath, put it outside and stared at it.

Coulda burned my house down, I thought. I have a lot of subs. Maybe I shouldn't close my eyes while I'm listening to music.

I thought of having it fixed, but decided that Waste Management could make better use of it, gave away the other Dahlquist (after telling the lucky recipient what happened to its brother).

I'm running a single big HSU in place of the twin Dahlquists. Sounds great. I have a home theater system in the same room running twin subs, Axiom EP500 and EP400. The 400 can't keep up with the new Transformers 4K Blu Ray movie, so, onto Craigslist it will go. Maybe another EP500. It's a good sub.

I had a Kenwood SW300 12" sub, years ago, literally blew pieces of its rubber O-ring into my room. Couldn't keep up with the Dream Works remake of "The Time Machine." Very exciting right up to the end.

I have an SVS 20-39 which is probably 18 years old. Works perfectly.

If you are on a budget, my advice is buy a used subwoofer. You have a lot of great speaker/sub manufacturers up there in Canada.

Subs live until they die. The uncertainty of their life spans only resolves when they die. Therefore, since most will die after their warranty has passed, buy used. When it dies, get another. You can put nice plants on dead subwoofers. They're good that way.

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#426868 - 10/20/17 02:29 PM Re: Replace amp in EP500 or new sub (HSU, SVS, other) [Re: in2deep]
MatManhasgone Offline

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in2deep. I have no idea where you live, but around me there are at least 4 electronics stores that do aftermarket repairs for units. Are you sure that the amp itself is totally shot? or is it just that it needs the CAP's replaced and some genneral maintenance to get the amp back up and running?

You need to understand from Axiom's point of view, the unit is well outside of a warranty period and they are in the business of selling new equipment. They are selling a new amp as the rest of the unit it working, and from that you get a 5 year warranty. But if they cost is just too much, then getting the broken amp repaired though a 3rd party is a viable option. I'd call around and see if getting it fixed is worth the cost. Then that would answer part of your question.

I have the EP500 v4 and it's a sealed unit unlike yours, I think they have moved forward in the design of the units and only you can tell if your find the need for the extra low frequency sounds.
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#426869 - 10/20/17 03:59 PM Re: Replace amp in EP500 or new sub (HSU, SVS, other) [Re: in2deep]
in2deep Offline

Registered: 05/06/06
Posts: 8
MMBH, thanks for that thought. I live in the DFW area and I'm sure there are plenty of repairs shops, not too sure of a reputable one. At least one CAP is fried and the board that both are attached too is burnt to hell.

I'm not faulting Axiom here at all. In fact, they have always been great to deal with. They are making be a deal on the replacement amp (about $150 cheaper than quoted) which is very enticing. My question now is fix the EP500 and hope for the best or go with something the likes of HSU VTF-2 mk5 or SVS SB-200 — a little more, but new. Or step it down a bit to a RSL 10S, Klipsch R12SW, or even a pair of Monoprice 12’ subs (yes, I just went there).

I guess I’m asking for opinions on my best option here while spending around $500-$600.

#426870 - 10/20/17 04:24 PM Re: Replace amp in EP500 or new sub (HSU, SVS, other) [Re: in2deep]
AAAA Offline

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Monoprice stuff is junk. Junk. They are a joke amongst installers.

A pair of the klipsch would be a better choice.

Why not trade in your dead sub against a new one. Can you do that?

#426871 - 10/20/17 05:46 PM Re: Replace amp in EP500 or new sub (HSU, SVS, other) [Re: AAAA]
in2deep Offline

Registered: 05/06/06
Posts: 8
I know to stay away from Monoprice, but just had to throw that out there since I've already had a beer or three.

Axiom did make a trade-in offer, but they wanted $1000+ !

I'm seriously thinking about pulling the trigger on the replacement amp and seeing how it sounds for 20 days. The last question I'm going to have for Axiom is if the Amp needs to be programed/tuned for my enclosure. It's the old front ported design unlike the new sealed enclosure.

#426875 - 10/21/17 11:10 AM Re: Replace amp in EP500 or new sub (HSU, SVS, other) [Re: in2deep]
Ian Offline

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We will program your replacement amp to match your version of subwoofer.

It is worth noting that the reason our subwoofers cost more then a lot of others is the quality of the amplifier. We are using linear power supplies with good capacitance storage and toroidal transformers, which means lots of dynamic headroom, and they are built to last. They are all manufactured at our factory in Canada.

Most subwoofer warranties in the market limit the amplifier to one or two years we offer our full five year warranty.

The expected longevity of our amplifiers also took a big notch up with the introduction of v4. Andrew did a lot of work on the designs leading up to v4. You will be getting a v4 amp programmed with your code.

Your v2 amp lasted 11 years which bodes well for your v4 amp.
Ian Colquhoun
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#426876 - 10/21/17 12:53 PM Re: Replace amp in EP500 or new sub (HSU, SVS, other) [Re: Ian]
in2deep Offline

Registered: 05/06/06
Posts: 8
Mr. Colquhoun, while I wish I could say that my v2 amp lasted 11 years (more like 7, but still good), it actually died a few years ago and I never really got that far into diagnosing or replacing with the Axiom team.

Now that life has settled down a little, I decided it was time to finally get some "low end" back into my life after having survived the past few years with a pair of Pioneer SW-8MK2's providing "some" low-end support to the rest of my Axiom setup.

After talking with Debbie (who's fantastic!!!), the feedback provided by forum members, and your confirmation that the v4 amp will be tuned to my enclosure, I can't think of a reason NOT to give it shot. With a 30 day audition, I'll know first hand if I made the right decision. Thanks and have a great weekend!

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