Had the pleasure of watching Knives Out last night with my wife. Amazing movie from plot, sound, picture and to a slightly lesser degree audio point of view. I would highly recommend a watch as my wife and I found it very entertaining.

BUT what I found even more interesting is when watching some of the Special Features on the disc the interviews that takes place with Rian Johnson there appear to some Axiom speakers (my guess would be LFR 1100s or M100s) in the room just behind him, slightly out of focus. I'm uncertain of where this interview portion was filmed, but thought I would pass along the information fwiw. As I find that Axiom, at least on the AVS Forum, or other AV websites does not seem to get a lot of love or attention, so I thought it was cool to see them out in the wild sitting behind a big Hollywood director smile

I upgraded from my original M80s, VP150 and Q8Ss version 2, to the M100s, VP180 and Q8Ss, V4 nearly two years ago now and enjoy them immensely practically every day.

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